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Vin Doux! The Top 10 Best Wine Destinations For 2022

Vin Doux! The Top 10 Best Wine Destinations For 2022


To travel is to experience other people’s cultures, soak in their lifestyle, and leave with a piece of them. For wine lovers, travel isn’t complete without savoring the exquisite wine various destinations have to offer and allowing them to burst through your yearning taste buds. Besides, life’s too short to be stuck in a routine of familiarity and predictability. A glass in hand sometimes equals a hearty laugh and amiable demeanor.

Wine lovers are a unique breed. While the regular traveler decides to visit a destination because of tourist attractions, culture, and maybe food, the wine lover makes this decision based on the wine. From sparkling Rieslings to rich Pinot Noirs, it is no surprise that wine lovers troop to these destinations to savor the copiousness of vino (as the Italians fondly call wine).

Check out the 10 best destinations for wine lovers in 2022…

#1. Tenerife, Spain

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Forget the breathtaking volcanic landscape, pine forests, and numerous hiking routes. When you’re in Tenerife, Spain, the wine should top your bucket list. What makes this region’s offering extra special is that the wines are made using indigenous varieties, including Listán Blanco and Listán Negro, as well as Baboso Negro — which is vinified into incredible reds. Although many have stated that the award for best should go to the ancient Listán Prieto, we’ll leave that decision to you when you arrive at the destination.

#2. Piedmont, Virginia, USA 

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More than 200 years ago, Thomas Jefferson had a dream to make his home state a thriving wine destination, and boy did that dream come true! Virginia’s hilly Piedmont region has become the preferred wine destination for many visiting the United States. The location is home to the famous Monticello Wine Trail which boasts 30 member wineries including Jefferson Vineyards, Early Mountain Vineyards, and Veritas Vineyard & Winery. You can expect an unparalleled visitor experience with vineyard tours, tasting rooms, and award-winning restaurants. 

#3. Portugal

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You might want to sharpen your Portuguese because, in 2022, all roads should lead to the famous Quinta do Seixo. This is a great destination for wine lovers and all the awards this winery has bagged is proof of this. The scent of freshly squeezed grapes ready to be blended into the perfect wine is enough to send you to wine heaven. 

#4. Bordeaux, France

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If you’re looking forward to a wine-tasting adventure, Bordeaux is your best bet, but be careful not to get intoxicated. This French city has a reputation for being a wine haven and sending many wine lovers on a whirlwind of diverse wine pleasure. This means you might not be able to exhaust your options.

#5. Piedmont, Italy

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Maybe spending Christmas in Piedmont, Italy would be a great holiday idea after all. Most Italian wine regions come alive from October to the end of the year with lots of food fairs and Vino Novello (new wine), and Piedmont itself is home to some excellent wines. In 2021, the official Città del Vino (City of Wine) was the village of Barolo in Piedmont according to Città del Vino National Association. So you might want to make a stop at this village.

#6. Moselle Valley, Germany

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One of the all-time favorite wine lovers destinations, this German valley is known to produce the finest Riesling grapes and the result is the perfect white wine recognized globally. The entire neighborhood is elegant — from the Moselle river to the high vineyards, mountain peaks, and everything in between.

If you have a knack for adventure, then a visit to the wine museum is something you’ll be pretty excited about. Make sure you’re not lightheaded as there are usually plenty of sample wines to go around. Drink responsibly.

#7. Vienna, Austria

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For the one exceptionally drawn to white wine, start packing for Autumn 2022 to this wine lovers’ destination. About 85 percent of the world’s white wine is gotten from Vienna, so why not go straight to the source? The city’s scenic view is difficult to resist and the food is rather exotic.

#8. Valais, Switzerland

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Ever heard of The Swiss Red? Chances are, you have. Valais is one of the Swiss regions globally recognized for producing the famed Swiss Reds. It is such a magnificent and historical city with wines gracefully produced for the pickiest taste buds. If you refuse to settle for just any wine and won’t accept anything short of impeccable, then Valais should be one of your best wine travel destinations for 2022.

#9. Chile and Argentina

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If you’re in South America or have plans to visit in 2022, then these are the best wine regions for premium wine lovers. Mendoza (Argentina) and Casablanca (Chile) are the preferred destinations as they produce wine the old way, and we’re here for that vintage touch.

#10. Western Cape, South Africa

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.This region is the wine capital of South Africa and the exotic wildlife makes it one of the best wine travel destinations for 2022. Check out Stellenbosch and Elgin Valley as they produced notoriously sweet and refreshing wines. Also, don’t forget to charge up your camera batteries as the view here is breathtaking. Start booking.

Wine is bottled poetry’—Robert Louis Stevenson.

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