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A Peek At Fashion Stylist Mobolaji Dawodu’s Portfolio

A Peek At Fashion Stylist Mobolaji Dawodu’s Portfolio


t is interesting how different artistic careers like photography, fashion design, fashion styling and writing appear to be, yet when inspected at the core, they aren’t really that different; they are simply unique ways through which creatives tell stories and share the inner workings of their minds. Another commonality among creative pathways is how they elicit similar reactions of intrigue, awe and a deep awakening from their audience.  These were the same feelings I felt when I came across the work of Nigerian-American fashion editor, stylist and costume designer, Mobolaji Dawodu.

Mobolaji Dawodu has had quite an intriguing career and a portfolio that includes working as a stylist for Fader magazine, fashion director at GQ Style and working on the set of films such as Queen of Katwe and Where is Kyra?

While his career is definitely goals, what truly has me awed is his unique styling approach. In retrospect, I shouldn’t be particularly surprised that a stylist who has styled the likes of DiddyBrad Pitt, Jared Leto and ASAP Rocky is this phenomenal, but I am and he is.

P Diddy as styled by Dawodu

His styling stands out because there is a rawness and honesty to it. In fact, it lacks pretentiousness and faux grandeur which is a rare and absolutely beautiful thing to see in a controlled fashion shoot. Mobolaji manages to style and direct his subjects in such a way that the photos come out as simple candids that appeal to the eyes then to the heart, making every photo interesting to see.

Take a look at his impressive portfolio…

Photo Credit: IG |mobolajidawodu

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