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7 Fashion Items You Need To Have If You’re In Your Cozy Girl Era

7 Fashion Items You Need To Have If You’re In Your Cozy Girl Era



hen surfing Instagram for a style that better suits my winter mood, the cozy girls of Instagram showed up with their easy-going aesthetic and sealed the deal. Laidback slay is beyond a fashion pastime but is low-key a movement that shows you can be comfortable and in style without compromising on either. We all know the no-pain-no-gain mantra that fashion has abided by for centuries, but now the IT girls are also choosing to relinquish the pain without going low on style. The trick is to play with accessories like fancy hats, sunglasses, cross-body bags, and superior textures to “chill out” any coordination.

The concept of cozy girl fashion is rooted in comfort and practicality without giving a detrimental blow to personal style. Yes, it offers every girl the luxury of taking a break from up-tight looks in favor of effortless options that marries slay with a chilled-feel-good vibe.

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Easy dressing, as it’s also called, is one positive thing the pandemic might have brought to the table. High-end designers like Prada and Dior approve of this lifestyle and continue to make it evident in their latest collections. The first step to channeling your inner cozy girl energy is to stock up on the right staples and maneuver them to serve your personal style.

Check out 7 chilled pieces that will definitely usher you into your cozy girl fashion era…

#1. Oversize denim and/or sweatpants

Whether sweatpants or boyfriend jeans, the oversize options are the best. Complete the look with a fuzzy coat and bold accessories for the city girl vibe.

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#2. Comfortable shoes

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If you are serious about nailing a chilled look, then you should live in a comfy set of footwear like sneakers, platform sandals, low-heeled boots, and kitten heels for an effortless finish. For instance, you can punctuate a sweat set or casual denim look with a cool pair of Air Force Ones, or as occasion serves.

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#3. Slouchy knits

Slouchy knits and oversized sweaters are the official cozy girl fashion uniform. Sport them with a slip skirt or combat pants for a full oversize style aesthetic.

#4. Monochromatic sets

When it comes to color combo, there’s no denying that a monochromatic look is downright easy! Whether you choose to play this card with neutral tones or bright hues, the goal is to emphasize the ease of the ensemble with chilled pieces like a cropped sweater.

#5. Letterman jackets

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Grab yourself a pair of leather jackets, and you’re ready to settle into your cozy girl fashion era. From pairing with matching pants to washed denim, there are no limits to what you can style with this piece.

#6. A chic coat/oversize blazer

The cozy girl’s style is highly powered by statement coats and blazers of varying textures and silhouettes worked into a lazy fit. Girl, they’re the perfect outerwear find.

#7. Accessories

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The best way to transition a boring casual look to an easy chic combination is to be strategic with accessorizing. Colorful sunglasses, cross-body bags, gold hoop earrings, and a slew of fancy rings.

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