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The 9 Handbag Trends IT Girls Are Strapping Into The New Year

The 9 Handbag Trends IT Girls Are Strapping Into The New Year



ey-in cutting off things that no longer serve you—it’s the time of the year after all. This shouldn’t center around toxic people alone. How about out with the old accessories and in with the new ones? A good place to start is to declutter your old pieces, especially dated handbags, that cheapen an entire look. Consider exploring the handbag trends of 2023 that are sure to be making waves in the incoming year.

Beyond the intricacies of health and general well-being, another solid way to prepare for the new year is to feel and look your best. Yes, your 2023 preparations should also have a section dedicated to a fashionable lifestyle. In view of this, a surefire way to kick things up is to upgrade your handbag collection with trendy pieces. For instance, an ornate handbag can easily be used to announce your presence, and classic options no doubt understand a sophisticated assignment.

These handbag trends of 2023 will ensure you stay fashionably relevant in the new year… 

#1. Shearling bags

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As the temps continue to drop, shearling fabrics will stay winning on the streetwear side of style. Thanks to luxury brands like Bottega Veneta and Off-White, the fluff-coated bag seems to be a celebrity favorite. This doesn’t limit the bag to an elite few, and with varying price points, you can cop from affordable brands like Telfar.


#2. Woven bags

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The basket bags, as some renditions of this trend are also called, were a summer must-have this year. You can’t forecast the handbag trends of 2023, without these beach/everyday bags making an appearance. The minimalist and maximalists of fashion surely agree with this bag trend.

Splash on a vivid color, and the woven bag takes a “go-big-or-go-home” stance. The newer offerings are durable with sustainable materials. They are surely welcome in the coming year–no doubt.


#3. Round bags

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It only makes sense for this to be a bag you can’t turn down, especially during this celebratory season. For added warmth and a sleek outlook, round bags are on their way into the 2023 front row. Plus, they are available in different sizes and textures which means that there’s a ball bag for any gathering.


#4. Matching prints

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The matchy-matchy era stepped back for clashing patterns, but this year, matching handbags with an outfit made a comeback. This time, in a larger-than-life mode. Often seen pairing with a separate, but other times, fuel its momentum with a monochrome take.


#5. More chains links

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Irrespective of work-themed shoulder bags or party clutches, the chain trend went hard this year. Almost every lady had a reason to cop these beauties, and for good reason. While gold chains were most popular, there seemed to be statement color-coordinating chain links making the rounds on the maximalist streets. This is one of my favorite handbag trends of 2023, which automatically elevates any ensemble without trying hard.


#6. Briefcase-inspired bags

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One bag, countless compartments, and a sleek boss chic look. If you’re like some of us (side eye to myself) who just throw stuff into our bags and then spend 15 minutes trying to search for them, this bag will help you organize better. The Croc-themed options are more prevalent, but in 2023, more renditions will surface.


#7. Supersized bags

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Perhaps we will finally step on the brakes when it comes to the mini bag trends. They’ve had a moment, but recently, we’ve seen a return of XXL bags to the style scene. These are evident on Spring/Summer 2023 runways.

Think totes, straw bags, and luxe backpacks, but in magnified sizes. The 2023 accessories trends look promising already, as these handbag trends will certainly thrive. As the fashion industry continues to embrace inclusion on all sides, it seems that next year minis and supersized might simultaneously make their mark.


#8. Shimmer and shine

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The sequins, pearls, and bling have been on everything that calls itself fashion for a few seasons now. The embellishments are perfect for the festive glam and on-trend enough to spruce up across seasons. It’s a good thing they won’t be packed behind the closet anytime soon.


#9. Scrunched bags

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These ubiquitous designs are arguably street style’s number one handy bags. They blend with any look, from sporty to workwear, and because they easily adapt to any coordination, we’re stringing them along into the new year.


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