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9 Important Questions To Ask On A First Date

9 Important Questions To Ask On A First Date

While some may argue that it takes the fun and spontaneity away from the first date, we think it’s a pretty good idea to have some questions handy to ask during your first date. Don’t be unprepared and end up asking predictable questions like, “what’s your favorite food?” only to get home and more important questions you should have asked come flooding through your mind-line.

Let’s be honest, first dates are interviews. We just find creative ways to make it not look that way. A lot of things cross your mind prior to the date; is she/he finally going to be the one, do they look anything like their pictures, what are they really like, dear Lord, am I wasting my time?

First dates are most times synonymous with awkwardness because everyone is so conscious of themselves and would only try to bring their best foot forward. Having questions ready for your first date could help you dig deeper into that facade, and if you’re actively listening, you will get enough answers to help you decide whether or not a second date is in order. It could also be a good way of keeping the conversation going and getting your date more comfortable to open up.

Check out 9 questions that will come in handy on that first date…

#1. What are some random fun facts about you

Photo: Leeloo Thefirst/Pexels

Learning something interesting about your date helps to build familiarity and gets rid of the over-seriousness that often plagues first dates. In addition, this question can enlighten you about how self-aware he/she is. A person who is self-aware and is detailed enough to appreciate what makes him/she fun is also likely to be as detailed in their dealings with other people. (Of course, this isn’t a hard-fast rule but it can serve as a good indicator).

#2. What’s something you want to learn or wish you were better at?

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A person who is always willing to grow and learn something new every day is cool, and a person who is humble enough to admit what they need to learn is super-duper-cool. This question helps you determine how open to growth and development your date is, especially in a world where ignorance can be costly. As they say, the moment we stop learning is when we begin to fade.

#3. First date question: Is there anything you don’t eat?

Photo: Viktoria Slowikowska/Pexels

It is highly considerate to ask this question, especially if your date involves ordering food. Before you go all out ordering for yourself or your date, ask them if there are things they don’t eat and why.

They might have allergies or a bad experience. Asides from being considerate, this is a good conversation starter. Plus, it should ease off a little tension and set the tone for the rest of the date. Hopefully.

#4. What takes up your time when you’re not working?

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Honestly, the “tell me about yourself” question sounds so cliché and boring. So, rather than make this date seem like a job interview session, ask them what they do when they aren’t working. This will be appreciated because it doesn’t look like an interview. In the process, you might find out things you have in common, and another date could be brewing.

#5. If you got free tickets to travel to your favorite place, who would you call? Family members or friends?

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This is another way of asking about his relationships, especially with family. Your date might be someone who wants his partner to get along well with their family. Your date might also be someone who considers his friends more of a family than his biological family. Besides, this is also an opportunity to pay attention to how your date treats people that are close to him or her.

Note: This information is not to be used to go overboard with judgment but should help you know the person better and, if there’s a future together, how you can fit into their life. Also, know that people are from different backgrounds and have different experiences. Be open-minded.

#6. First date question: What does a normal day look like for you?

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This should let you in on your date’s vocation (if any), the type of job they’re into, and if they like what they do. There are a lot of follow-up questions you could ask when he/she starts off answering, but let it flow and don’t make it look like an interrogation. In addition, this question would also help you know whether your date is a morning/night person and give you a sneak peek into their regular schedule.

#7. What do you want in a relationship?

Photo: Wendy Wei/Pexels

Duh!!! You’re obviously single and ready to mingle that’s why we’re here in the first place, right? This should help you cut off unnecessary expectations and know for real what your date is really looking for. Ask him/her what brought them to the dating scene again and what they seek to achieve. Please do this as casually as possible and not like a detective interrogating a suspect.

Note: If your date gets uncomfortable with this question and refuses to be open, it might be a red flag.

Maybe they’re just sowing those wild oats and are not looking for anything serious or maybe they want a committed relationship and you don’t. If what they want doesn’t tally with yours, you need to take note. This doesn’t mean cancel them out immediately — many love stories have been told where love was found in unusual places.

They should be honest enough to state what stage in life they are at:

  • If they want something serious
  • Want something casual
  • If it’s a rebound

That shows they’re mature enough to stand by what they want and respect humans enough not to deceive or manipulate them just to get what they want.

#8. When you’re old and looking back at your life, what do you want to be remembered for?

Photo: Tristan Le/Pexels

A lot of people have jobs or study courses that they really don’t like. Most do it for financial security. What this question does is to let you in on their true passion and even their life goals. It won’t hurt to know their direction on time and see if you both are headed the same way in life.

You can’t hop on a bus going east when you really want to go south just because they’re cute and sound intelligent. This question could help you know where their priorities lie except, of course, they’re just being dreamy.

#9. What do you think about mentorship? Do you have a mentor?

Photo: Christina Morillo/Pexels

Remember those goals and aspirations? This question could let you in on the steps they’re taking to get better in life. Their take on mentorship would enlighten you on their stand on accountability. Some people are too proud and can’t stay accountable and this might pose a problem in the future. A mentor helps you speed up your journey in life by helping you avoid the mistakes they made in their field. It is safe to say that anyone who goes through the process of seeking a mentor is serious about getting to their desired goals in life. It is not in any way a sign of weakness.

You don’t have to wait till you’re on the fifth date to realize that they are just in it for the fun of it when you have already planned a whole wedding and honeymoon in your head. We, humans, are good at making things complicated, keep your dating life simple by asking the right questions on your first date.

Featured image: Gift Habeshaw/Unsplash 

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