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4 Stylish and Trendy Ways Fold To A Pocket Square | Men’s Style

4 Stylish and Trendy Ways Fold To A Pocket Square | Men’s Style

TThe pocket square is the one item that is sure to boost your overall look in less than five minutes. It is a classic and timeless menswear accessory as well as the single most indispensable tool for defining a man of style.

Choosing a pocket square is an art and there’s no steadfast rule to follow. It should simply complement your shirt and tie, not match them. If it looks right and feels right, walk out the door.

Folding a pocket square can be tricky for some, especially new style converts but practice makes perfect and we’re here to the rescue.

Here are 4 simple folds that will serve you well over time.

The Classic Fold

How to:

1. Lay the pocket square flat.
2. Fold one side over to the other side lengthwise.
3. Fold the bottom up to meet the top.
4. Fold lengthwise again to match the width of your breast pocket.

The Flower Fold

The Puff Fold

How to:

1. With the pocket square laying flat, pinch the center.
2. Pick it up from the center.
3. Form a ring around the pocket square with the thumb and index finger of your other hand and slide it down almost to the bottom.
4. Fold the pointed edges over.

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