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Travel Style Inspiration from Ini Edo, Toke Makinwa & Mercy Aigbe-Gentry | Tips & More!

Travel Style Inspiration from Ini Edo, Toke Makinwa & Mercy Aigbe-Gentry | Tips & More!

Travel Style

Travel Style

Travel Style is still something a lot of people haven’t really figured out. I remember my friend travelling back to the US late last year and she goes; “I feel like doing a full make-up, would that be okay?”. Though I don’t remember what my exact answer was to her, but I think this article would do justice to that question.

I really feel like writing this after seeing so much Christmas brouhaha. I had to do loads of travelling via road and air, and met different kind of travelers along my way. I soon realized when it’s time to travel is when a lot of people sincerely do not know what to do with style.

The most common mistake during road travel is when you are on an early-morning, travel-by-road-for-four-hours kind of trip, and it looks like there was a wear-your-hairnet memo. Please! this is completely not stylish and unforgivable. You can wrap your hair in so many stylish ways. Hairnets should be reserved for sleep time and indoors only!

Travel Style
Ini Edo wearing a Hijab-style head wrap on a recent air trip…

So lets dig into this article already. Here are some major tips for year-round travel:

Don’t loose your sense of style

Travel Style
Mercy Aigbe Gentry looking comfy yet stylish on a recent trip

Tyra Banks has told a story of how she was on a flight and got signed to a modelling agency, and how she’s gotta be picture perfect all the time since then. My point is, just like Tyra, you never know who you’ll meet on your trip and the opportunity you may encounter just by presenting your best, comfortable, self. You shouldn’t be any less of your stylish self just because you are travelling.

Style is an attitude. It’s like leaving home for a job interview without your CV and hoping to get hired. I am not saying you should be running in your stilettos to catch a flight, I’m saying let it not be a miss just because you are travelling.

Work around comfy

Travel Style

We have decided it’s not going to be a miss, so what is the style to adopt? I think “comfy”. I was on a late evening flight once and I caught this lady who was dolled-up in a long weave, fully blushed face, kind of uncomfortable in her minis vs high-heels combo. I am not saying you shouldn’t serve jaw dropping gorgeousness, but before you decide to pull off a Naomi Campbell set to storm the runway ensure you are very comfortable for the trip ahead. Be prepared for emergencies and travel irregularities. Think about the weather and dress in layers to address sudden changes in temperature.

Here are some more travel style inspiration from your favourite celebrities. These ladies stay comfy and still slay.

Travel StyleTravel StyleTravel Style

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