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Let These Fashionable Fabric Face Masks Inspire Your Post-Lockdown Slay

Let These Fashionable Fabric Face Masks Inspire Your Post-Lockdown Slay


In some parts of the world, the lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic is still very much in place while in other parts of the world like Nigeria, Ghana, and parts of the United States, the lockdown is being relaxed. Even though you are excited to start moving around, remember, it is no longer business as usual and you need to wash your hands regularly, have a hand sanitizer handy, and never leave home without your face mask. How life has changed. Sigh!

Due to the scarcity of the surgical face masks which must be reserved for healthcare workers and other medical first responders, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended the use of fabric masks. While fabric masks are not as effective as the surgical and N95 masks, they could help minimize the spread of the coronavirus. At a minimum, they help prevent you from touching your mouth and nose, which are the main infection routes.

Nancy Isime

The fun part about having to wear the fabric masks lies in the fact that you can have tons of these in various fabric designs and after use each day, you can wash the mask, dry it and reuse it another time.

At Style Rave, we believe every ensemble should be fashionable, so why should wearing a fabric face mask be any different? However, remember that fit is critical as gaps can lead to a decrease in filtration efficiency. Want to learn how to make your face mask at home? Continue reading to see tutorials below.

Here are 27 stylish fabric face masks to inspire you…




judith heard latest news 2020 2
Judith Heard




judith heard latest news 2020
Judith Heard


Latasha Ngwube


Pam Madlala


Obis Ora Wardrobe Merchant


Toyin Lawani Fabric face mask style
Toyin Lawani


Lerato Kganyago latest 2020 news 2
Lerato Kganyago




Elozonam latest news 2020 2




Lerato Kganyago latest 2020 news
Lerato Kganyago


Haillie Sumney fashionable fabric face mask stylish
Haillie Sumney


Shes.eb Instagram jumpsuit mask look

Trousers / Pants

Nancy Isime




Swanky Jerry latest news 2020
Swanky Jerry


Kaylah Oniwo


Pam Madlala latest news 2020 2
Pam Madlala


stephanie coker latest news 2020
Stephanie Coker

More looks

Odzaya Deremchimed

Photo Credit: Instagram | As captioned

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold in real-time, we are committed to giving you the latest information at the time of publishing. However, please refer to the CDC and WHO for at-the-moment updates as guidelines change by the minute.

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