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How To Effectively Clean Your Home During The Quarantine Period

How To Effectively Clean Your Home During The Quarantine Period

Before the coronavirus pandemic, most of us got to thoroughly clean our homes every Saturday because we were busy for most of the week. Now that many are still in self-quarantine mode due to the global lockdown, we have more time on our hands to clean our homes. And we have to do everything within our power to stay safe.

Cleaning can be a daunting chore, especially if you live in a big house with kids. This means you literally have to clean up after them all the time, seeing as your home is now a school, an office, the playground, and more. This means you have to disinfect every surface more times than you would usually do. Just the thought of how to keep your home clean, disinfected, and sanitized can drive you crazy, but we have put together a list of ways to help keep quarantine and even post-lockdown life manageable.

For effective cleaning, first, wipe down the surfaces to remove dirt and debris. Then follow up with a sanitizer or disinfectant, like Dettol, Clorox, Lysol spray, or wipes.

The key to cleaning your home effectively during this period is to Breakfast down the tasks. Some areas require you to clean them every day, and some might need to be visited once a week or monthly. This will help simplify the process.

Here are some tips on how to clean your home during quarantine…

#1. Places to clean every day

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The surfaces you touch multiple times a day should be cleaned daily. These surfaces include your doorknobs, fridge handles, table surfaces, chairs, sink handles, light switches, nightstands, remote control, kids’ toys, cell phone, computer keyboards, keys, wallets, and purses.

#2. Places to clean once a week

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Every week, you should vacuum the rugs, sweep and mop the floor with a 1/3 cup of bleach per gallon to disinfect it, according to the CDC, and you might need to wear a mask if you have breathing difficulties. The insides of your fridge, toasters, microwave, bathtub, sink, windowsills, bookshelves, TV, computer screens, keyboards, and cabinets should also be wiped down with a disinfectant.

#3. Places to clean once a month

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Once a month, you need to clean the entire windows and doors with isopropyl alcohol when they are dirty. Also, wash your bed cover, duvet, and vacuum any upholstery. 

You can get more detailed cleaning tips here.

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