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Love Gone Sour! Why He Ghosted You On Valentine’s Day

Love Gone Sour! Why He Ghosted You On Valentine’s Day


The alarm at the far end of the room jolted you from sleep, and an attempt to throw the slippers at it was futile. Standing on your feet, you realize it’s Valentine’s Day, and you excitedly picked up the phone anticipating a “good morning lovetext, but to your surprise, that didn’t happen. “Maybe his phone’s dead, or maybe he’s still asleep, or yes! He is planning a big surprise.” Only time will tell as you prepare for work.

Fast forward to 9 pm, and not a single word from the love of your life (or so you thought) and he isn’t responding to your messages either. Would you sit there and wallow in disbelief, or call your girls and chill out the feeling of abandonment? Whatever you decided to do, one truth remains constant: you were ghosted on Valentine’s Day and that doesn’t feel good. However, in spite of his ability to see what a treasure you are, never forget that you are worthy of love, so much of it!

Here’s what it means if he ghosted you on Val’s Day…

#1. He has a lover, and she ain’t you

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The day of love may double as a day of rude awakenings for some people. As the days to Valentine’s Day approach, communication seems faint. He no longer replies promptly to your texts, the emojis are extinct, and his tone? Off.  And now, you are reading an “If he ghosts you on Val’s Day” article to find out what might have gone wrong. The truth is, there’s a huge chance that your lover has a lover he’s pretty committed to and he decided to spend the most romantic day of the year with her. Sorry.

“I got the shocker of my life when I checked my phone and realized the “love of my life” had blocked me on WhatsApp. I rushed off to check his page on Instagram, and there he was, on bended knees. A bouquet in one hand and a ring in the other, proposing to the love of his life. Wow! No words” ~Rebecca

#2. He doesn’t see a future together

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The buzz around Valentine’s Day makes everyone think deeply about their love life, at least the few of us that can be bothered. While these thoughts might point a person towards the direction of forever, others might realize they don’t want to go further with their partners. He might have come to terms with the fact that you are not the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. While some can drop the bombshell abruptly, others can’t. Consequently, he starts withdrawing gradually, dropping hints that he’s over you. This is a huge sign, especially if you were both used to playing it big on Val’s Day. Of course, he’s not expected to continue a relationship out of pity, but he’s still expected to handle it better for the sake of the other person’s mental health.

#3. It’s still too early

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Let’s paint one of the common scenarios where this occurs. Boy meets girl, they start talking. It’s still the talking phase, and things are starting to get personal, but the commitment level is still questionable. When a person isn’t committed to you yet, it’s almost inevitable that he will ghost you on Val’s Day, unless he is certain he wants something more with you. He probably has other girls he is “talking with” too. If he isn’t financially buoyant to send all the ladies gifts and keep things going, he might pick his fave from his list and make her his Val. Simply put, if he ghosts you on Val’s Day at this phase, you shouldn’t take it too personally. Of course, it might hurt because the “sweet nothings” are becoming “something” and you were earnestly hoping to be his Val.

#4. You got caught?

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Six years ago, my friend Tasha had a boyfriend who ghosted her for “no reason.” She visited him on Valentine’s Day eve. They had a swell time, but once she got home, she realized he had blocked her on social media. She called him, and he never picked up her call. This was strange because he already presented her with Val’s gifts the day before. Recently, she met with his friend and got the shocker of her life. She realized he found out she cheated on him, and rather than confront her, he ghosted her because there was no need to fake a loving relationship on Val’s Day, when the whole relationship was based on deceit. Sometimes, ghosting is perceived as the ultimate punishment. The lack of closure was enough torture to last for her a lifetime.

#5. He has 99 problems, and you ain’t one

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The brother might be going through one of life’s unpleasant moments. Maybe he lost a loved one, a job, or is not in a healthy head-space at the moment. He’s probably not over his ex or might be having financial issues. You might want to stay out of the drama (I mean! You’ve been ghosted on already and can’t get through to him). If he comes back, try to hear him out, and if things add up and he’s genuinely sorry and willing to work on it, you could give him a second chance.

Remember, if he ghosts you on Val’s Day, it mostly has little to do with you. This doesn’t exempt you from any blame you might hold in the relationship. Perhaps you have hurt them or they do not see a future with you. This doesn’t “always” make him the bad guy. Oftentimes, the main issue here is emotional immaturity, attachment issues, and communication issues. In other words, if he ghosts you on Val’s day, sorry sis! He’s probably not that into you.

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