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13 Fashion Pieces You Need To Build The Ultimate Spring Wardrobe

13 Fashion Pieces You Need To Build The Ultimate Spring Wardrobe

Essential Spring Capsule Wardrobe

With the onset of spring, it is only necessary for you to start building your wardrobe and incorporate the ultimate pieces needed for the season. If until now your wardrobe danced between dark colors, coats, and sweaters, get ready ‘cuz it’s time to dive into flowers, light colors, and perfect accessories to enjoy the moment!

Having timeless wardrobe essentials, especially in spring also means you have pieces you can wear in more ways than one. It’s a time saving decision-making strategy. More than ever, with spring officially starting by March 20, this is not the right time to have a wardrobe bursting open with confusion written all over it. Spring wardrobe capsule.

You can never go wrong with a classic. Invest in the essentials and you’ll always have something to wear. These essentials can be paired with other items in your wardrobe for a standout look and finished off perfectly with the right statement-making accessories.

Here are 13 ultimate pieces you need to build a fantastic spring wardrobe…

#1. A Lightweight jacket

Photo: poshesteb | Instagram

Between spring and summer, the weather can be a real headache for your wardrobe. It’s not too hot, but not too cold either, and it rains occasionally, almost randomly. This is what makes lightweight jackets the go-to garment to face unpredictable temperature changes. Thank goodness the options are endless. Spring wardrobe capsule.

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#2. A Floral Dress

Photo: Aimee Song | Instagram

With spring, flowers start to pop up here and there, and clothes are no exception. A floral dress is enough to immediately smell the scent of Spring! The floral motifs evoke femininity, softness, romanticism, even a certain je ne sais quoi of youthfulness. The floral dress is the secret to integrating the floral print into our spring wardrobe and when paired right, it makes you look chic and glamorous.

Shop editor’s floral dress edit



#3. A Lightweight Sweater

Photo: Damilola | Instagram

Swap out your chunky, heavy sweaters for something lighter to accommodate the warmer days. These pieces can be used for light layering or to replace your jacket. Lightweight sweaters give you just enough coverage without turning your body into a furnace. Spring sweaters often give you a little extra room around the collar to show off your accessories and also keep your body temperature in check.

Shop editor’s sweater edit



#4. A Maxi Skirt

Photo: Mattie James | Instagram

For a bohemian, cozy, or refined style, the long skirt is the basic you need; it effortlessly dresses up a simple outfit. The maxi skirt is a feminine and stylish essential in your wardrobe for a perfect silhouette and suitable for all body types. Straight or pleated, cotton or satin, for this new season, the maxi skirt in all its forms should find a place in your wardrobe. It can be paired with a tank top, sweater, flat sandals, heels for the evening, and more. Essential Spring wardrobe capsule.

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#5. A Maxi Dress

Photo: @queen_serere | Instagram

Maxi dresses are the perfect piece to give your look a bright, carefree vibe–and they’re truly just as easy to wear! They are extremely flattering and can effortlessly elevate your style. With the right accessories, maxi dresses can be dressed up or down depending on your needs. Whether you’re into flowy fits or more structured shapes, you’re bound to find something that you love.

Shop editor’s maxi dress edit



#6. Rain Boots

Photo: Grace Ghanem | Instagram

The rain boots, designed in the 1800s by the Briton Arthur Wellesley for the military wardrobe, are now asserting themselves as fashion staples. Waterproof and ultra-fashionable, the rain boots are the ultimate investment to stay chic in the rain. Because it is possible to wear rain boots without being fashionable, they become essential wardrobe items that are perfect for weathering the elements.

Shop editor’s rain boot edit



#7. A Crossbody Bag

Photo: Ariyike Owolagba | Instagram

The fundamental accessory of every woman is certainly the bag as it enriches any outfit and allows you to always have your personal belongings with you. The shoulder bags which can be used as crossbody bags come in compact shapes, are functional while giving that contemporary and chic appeal. They are useful, good-looking, practical, and stylish while containing everything we can possibly need during the day! 

Shop editor’s crossbody bag edit



#8. White sneakers

Photo: Monica Awe-Etuk | Instagram

White sneakers are versatile and easy to wear. They have clean lines, minimal design, they are light, some even with perforated leather, they are the real passe-partout of the season. They are ideal for going from a more informal look to a more put-together look.

Shop editor’s white sneakers edit



#9. Cropped pants

Photo: Stella Adewunmi | Instagram

Cropped pants have conquered all fashion victims because they are chic, versatile, and trendy. They can be worn in a thousand ways and on any occasion, day and night. Cropped trousers are a fashionable alternative to shorts and can accompany you from spring into summer. Essential Spring wardrobe capsule.

Shop editor’s cropped pants edit



#10. A Fedora Hat

Photo: styleconnaisseur | Instagram

This spring, the fedora hat will be your go-to accessory to elevate your look. Nothing more than a hat is able to give personality to a look and define its style and the fedora, besides protecting us from the sun’s rays, gives us elegant and sophisticated aplomb.

Shop editor’s fedora hat edit



#11. A Statement Blazer

Photo: Nimi Nwofor | Instagram

From oversize to pastel colors, from linen to double-breasted: the blazer is the must-have item in your wardrobe for spring 2021. Whether you want to show off a chic or elegant, casual or office look, the blazer looks good on everything. It can be combined well with the jeans and t-shirt combo but also on an elegant dress to make a good impression. In short, blazers add an extra touch to our look and are above all, it’s an evergreen that will always be fashionable. Essential Spring wardrobe capsule.

Shop editor’s statement blazer edit



#12. Flat Shoes

Photo: Gabi | Instagram

Romantic and refined, the ballet flats are a very popular model because they combine style and comfort. They bring harmony to any style and fit beautifully into a classic, casual or elegant look. Born as a reinterpretation of ballet shoes, the ballet flats entered the women’s wardrobe in the mid-1950s, when Rose Repetto, mother of the choreographer Roland Petit and manufacturer of half shoes, created the first model of these historic shoes at the suggestion of Brigitte Bardot.

Shop editor’s ballet flat edit



#13. Statement Sandals

Photo: Kefilwe Mabote | Instagram

Sandals will definitely populate every chic fashionista’s wardrobe in spring but this year, be sure to opt for statement sandals. Ankle straps, floral applications, sparkling jewel inserts, and more should be at the top of your list. And there is a host of statement-worthy sandals to feast on and choose from.

Shop editor’s statement sandals edit



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