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When The Code Is Blush Pink: 8 Dresses To Inspire Your Bridal Shower Look

When The Code Is Blush Pink: 8 Dresses To Inspire Your Bridal Shower Look

Nothing adds glamour to a bridal shower like well-dressed guests, especially when they are all in the bride’s favourite colour. What if that happens to be: blush pink! This shade of pink is fast becoming a global favourite, even non-girly girls are in love with the ease and softness that the colour emits. So don’t be surprised to see it on a bridal shower dress code this season.

Pink is cute but a blush pink is loaded with even more class and sophistication which explains why many Style influencers Ravens love the shade!

We are at a point in fashion where style and personality have merged to produce individualized creative style, but there is one place where one person’s choice trumps all – a wedding. The events leading up to this ceremony includes the bridal shower where friends of the bride gather to prepare her for her wedding day – a sort of send-forth from girlhood/bachelorette status if you will.

It is usually fun-filled, however, when it comes to the choice of dressing, having a theme and colour code makes the event even more beautiful and organized. However, friends often choose the bride’s favourite colour, one of the wedding colours or a trendy one. With blush pink currently finding favour in the fashion scenes, expect it to be a serious contender on the colour code list for any bridal shower happening this season.

Luckily, you will have this lookbook to turn to when the invite reads – colour code: blush pink!

Here are 8 blush pink dresses to inspire your bridal shower guest look…

Minimal Chic

bridal shower dress code 2
Ayanda Thabethe

Layered ‘Hauteness’

Simple & Sexy

Boity Thulo

Elegantly Wrapped

bridal shower dress code blush pink
Olawunmi ‘Olarslim’ Adewale

Effortless Chic

Charlie Kamale

Unapologetically Classy

Nimi Nwofor

Modern Glam

Titilola Sogunro

And if you’re not in the mood for a dress, do it your way…

Charity Baaitse

Photo Credit: IG | As Captioned – Bridal shower dress code

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