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Mental Mondays: 7 Fun Ways To Celebrate Galentine’s Day Even If You’re Single

Mental Mondays: 7 Fun Ways To Celebrate Galentine’s Day Even If You’re Single



he gift of friendship cannot be overemphasized, especially when you have genuine girlfriends who got your back. If you’ve been planning futile girls’ hangouts in your group chats, perhaps Galentine’s day could be the day you and your besties finally come through. If you’re single and often feel horrible on Valentine’s Day, you could find a soft landing the day before by exploring adventures with people who matter.

Galentine’s Day is a special day reserved only for you and your female friends, so call up your besties. Take your eyes away from the thing you’re lacking, and focus on the beauty that encompasses your life—one of which is your girlfriends. Happiness is free, and it’s a choice. Find your fun in the beautiful relationships planted around you. The love of your life might just be experiencing traffic, but you can’t halt your entire life activities waiting on him to come and sweep you off your feet.

How was Galentine formed?

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During an episode of “Parks and Recreation” from February 2010, the word “Galentine” was first made public. Its literal meaning is “Valentine for the gals.” The fictitious Parks and Recreation Department deputy director Leslie Knope talked about the holiday in the popular sitcom. “What is Galentine’s Day? Oh, it’s just the best day of the year. My girlfriends and I go out for breakfast on February 13th, leaving our spouses and boyfriends at home having a girls’ night.”

Since that episode aired, people have been clamoring for the date to be added to the social calendar till it finally became popular around 2015. It became popularized as a day for women to gather with their female friends and celebrate their friendships with activities such as brunch, spa days, or other outings. It is not a romantic day, but a day to celebrate and appreciate the important friendships in our lives.

Check out 7 ways to celebrate Galentine’s Day even as a single lady…

#1. Go on a girl’s outdoor date

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This can be a fun and rewarding experience, as it allows you and your girls to focus on yourselves and your interests without the need to cater to anyone else. It can also be an opportunity to practice being comfortable in social situations and gain confidence in yourself. It also allows you to spend time with the girls, and reflect on your lives and what you expect from them.

#2. Having a spa day

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This can involve taking a break from your normal routine and self-care activities, such as taking a long bath, getting a massage, or getting facials. This can help you and your girls relax and feel good about yourselves on Galentine’s day. It helps remind you that self-love and self-care are just as important as romantic love. The key is to focus on yourselves and make the day about feeling good.

#3. Volunteer for charity organizations

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Doing this as a single person can be a great way to give back to the community and make a positive impact on the lives of others. It can also provide an opportunity to meet new people, build new friendships, and connect with others. This is for those who share similar values and interests.

Also, volunteering can be a great way to gain new skills and experiences, and can even lead to potential job opportunities in the future. Volunteering with the girls will bring out positive feelings of making a difference in the world.

#4. Try a new restaurant

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Going to a new restaurant with your besties on Galentine’s day can be a fun and enjoyable experience. It can be an opportunity to try new foods, explore different cuisines, and meet other people. When going to a new restaurant alone, it’s important to research the restaurant beforehand to ensure that it’s a good fit for your preferences and budget. Look up the menu online, read reviews from other diners, and find out the dress code, if any. This will help you all choose a restaurant that you’re sure to enjoy.

Once you’re all seated, take some time to look over the menu and make your selection. If you’re not sure what to order, feel free to ask the server for recommendations. Going to a new restaurant can also be a great way to bond with the girls. Striking up a conversation, talking about a new cuisine, a new movie, job opportunities, etc., brings you all closer.

#5. Exchange gifts


Gift-giving can also be a way to strengthen relationships between you and the girls. It is a way to show them that you are always thinking of them, and you want them to remember you anytime they see your gifts and vice versa. It is also a way to let them know that you appreciate them and that you value their friendship.  Exchanging gifts with the girls is a way to show appreciation, strengthen your friendships and create happy memories.

#6. Have a sleepover

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A sleepover is a common way to celebrate this love season, as it allows for a fun, relaxed atmosphere where friends can catch up and bond. Activities that are typically included in a Galentine’s Day sleepover are pajama parties, movie nights, and games. The message is inviting the girls to join a sleepover on Galentine’s Day to celebrate the friendship and love that makes your friendship worthwhile.

#7. Enjoy artsy sessions


There are places where these services are offered and you don’t have to be Picasso. It helps clear the mind and can be a fun way of expressing yourself. You can also host this in one of the girl’s houses. Ask them to bring their bottles and some easy-to-find art materials. You and the girls can also decide to get a makeover done, binge-watch a new show, or make Valentine’s cards for everyone you all care about.

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