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5 Beautiful Spots You Can Go On Vacation In Africa As Places Reopen

5 Beautiful Spots You Can Go On Vacation In Africa As Places Reopen

beautiful woman sitting in the water in Maldives

As the world continues to open back up, the travel industry is slowly gaining back momentum, and with ticket prices at an all-time low, now may be the time to visit the places on your bucket list. Of course, you’ve got to keep safety a priority as the pandemic persists. As always, we want you to think ‘Africa’ as you make your travel plans. Vacation to Africa in style.

With all the inexhaustible sites the continent has to offer, there’s no vacation type you can’t enjoy across the north, south, east, and west. Dust off your passports and start planning a getaway or simply scout for places to visit once the pandemic is over.

Explore the continent through these beautiful vacation spots in Africa…

#1. São Tomé islands

These islands located in São Tomé and Principé are soothing and surrounded with a great view, warm indigenes, and an ample supply of fresh fruits. What else do you want out of a vacation? If not, rest, good food, and on-point Instagram pictures. It’s the small-town serenity for me. 

Take a virtual trip to São Tomé and Principé 

#2. Mana Pools (Zimbabwe)

If you’re searching for a safari adventure, then all roads lead to Mana pools in Northern Zimbabwe. Experience a tour around the famous Zambezi River and wildlife with many elephants, buffaloes, lions, crocodiles, and more wildlife. For a better experience, visit during the dry season.

Take a virtual trip to Mana Pools


#3. Beaches in Mauritius

If you’re a beach bum, you’ll definitely love Mauritius but don’t leave Mauritius without watching the popular Sega dance performance. From Ile Aux Cerfs to La Cambuse, these vacation spots offer water sports, boat cruises, and yummy local food.

There’s no vacation in Mauritius without the beach’s therapeutic scenery, but once you’re back on land, be sure to check out Charamel colored earth, a place with seven-colored grains of sand. It’s indeed a sight to behold, so don’t leave Mauritius without visiting this place—you’ll be asked. 

See the best beaches in Mauritius


#4. The three pyramids of Giza

The three pyramids of Egypt are located on the west bank of the Nile River in Northern Egypt. This trio is the heart of any Egyptian tour and has remained one of the seven world wonders for centuries. There are also other spots in Egypt you should check out, like the Valley of Kings, the white desert, and Aswan. 

Take a virtual tour of the pyramids

#5. Awhum waterfall, Enugu

Nature lovers have your seat; you’re going to love this one. The Awhum Waterfall is a whopping 30 meters tall with crystal clear water surrounded by valleys and lakes located in Awhum village, in Enugu State, Nigeria. Some of these lakes contain diverse species of fish and have never been fished on before.

Experience the wonder of Awhum Waterfall

These vacation spots in Africa are as mystery-unraveling as they are relaxing. They are also the definition of unadulterated luxury. You know we seek to normalize “luxury” because what’s life if we don’t explore and experience as much of it as we possibly can. Vacation to Africa in style.

If you want to clear your head, meditate and appreciate nature, start booking your one-way ticket to these vacation spots in Africa because you might not want to return.

Cover photo: Nigerian actress Nancy Isime in the Maldives

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