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The 5 Trendy Bags You Will See Everywhere As The Lockdown Is Eased

The 5 Trendy Bags You Will See Everywhere As The Lockdown Is Eased


It’s now a thing of history for handbags to be worn for the sole purpose of holding things. These days, accessories such as bags are fulfilling a higher aesthetic purpose, which is why each season comes with its own trendy bags.

So other than carrying things, handbags now exist so we can look in the mirror and smile after dressing up with our favorite purse in tow. Of course they also exist so we can ‘break necks’ as we walk down the streets and get the “OMG, I love your bag, where did you get it?” kind of comments. I mean, that’s a bit vain––but aren’t we all?

As 2020 tries to makeup for lost time, both new and old trendy bags are coming out to play. From straw bags to sling bags, there’s no stopping them. Spring  handbag trends.

Pre-quarantine, I was literally searching out where to go next, so as to show off my cute purses and I definitely can’t be the only one on this table. With the lockdown being eased, I’m looking forward to having a reason to dress up and bag up! If you, like me, want to return to the scene with a vengeance post-lockdown, you’ll need to arm yourself with one or more of the handbags that prove you didn’t lose your fashion sense to the lonely days of quarantine women’s handbags & purses

Here are 5 trendy bags you need in your closet…

#1. Micro bags

Kefilwe Mabote and Sarah Langa

These teeny weeny beauties are not ready to step aside just yet. Micro bags can be worn on the neck, attached to a belt, and even merged with a bigger bag. They can also double as a bag and jewelry, as really tiny ones could be worn on the wrist — How versatile!

Shop similar micro bags here

#2. Crocodile skin bags Best handbags 2020.

Photo: Sabrina Rohwer / Pexels

You know when you buy a very pricey bag and they threaten to go out of style? That’s the case of “croc” bags. Thank goodness they made a comeback late 2019 into early 2020…Phew! That was really close. These beauties have, against all trends, remained timeless and that’s the confidence with which we click on purchase button

The croc bags are the IT bags right now and they’re totally amazeballs. My advice? Get one ASAP before retailers realize that they are a thing right now and up goes the price.

Shop croc bags here

#3. Straw bags women’s handbags & purses

Toke Makinwa

It goes without saying that straw bags are beach-friendly, but this hot summer piece is also making its way into creative office environments. The well-woven and structured version of straw bags certainly deserve a seat at the corporate table. There’s a new boss at work! 

Shop straw bags here

Best handbags 2020.

#4. Eco-friendly bags

raffia cloth sling shoulder

Bags like the reusable bottle bags are making it more to the front lines as the world tilts towards sustainable fashion. The fact that we’re trying to save the planet while being creative makes eco-friendly bags a win-win. It also doesn’t hurt that they are effortlessly stylish.

Shop eco-friendly bags here

#5. Sling bags

Bonang Matheba

The runway gods of fashion have spoken and sling bags remain. These trendy bags come in different shapes, textures, and sizes. If you’re like most girls, a monogram designer label bag is your preferred choice and if that’s the case, all you have to do is dust off your old LV, YSL, and so on.

Even though we really can’t go everywhere we want to yet, it’s still a win to stay in the know for when we can finally strut in the streets again. Nothing should tamper with your style!

Shop sling bags here

Spring 2020 handbag trends.

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