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Tributes Continue To Pour In For Ibidunni Ighodalo As Service of Songs Holds In Her Honour

Tributes Continue To Pour In For Ibidunni Ighodalo As Service of Songs Holds In Her Honour


Socialites and personalities everywhere in Nigeria are aghast at the news of Ibidunni Ajayi Ighodalo’s passing. The former beauty queen was the wife of popular Ituah Ighodalo, Cleric and Founder of Trinity House, Lagos. The late Ibidunni first came to the limelight when she won the first edition of the Miss Lux title at age 18.

Reports say she died of a heart attack in her hotel room in Port Harcourt while in the city on a work assignment. Her death was confirmed in a blank black post on her foundation’s page signed by a relative, Asue Ighodalo. Ibidunni Ituah-Ighodalo

The late Ibidunni with husband, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo and children, Keke and Zenan
The late Ibidunni with husband, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo and children, Keke and Zenan

As is our manner in dark periods as such, we choose to remember and celebrate the dead for all the great things they have accomplished in this life time. And for Mrs Ighodalo, it was countless and easily unquantifiable. Ibidunni Ajayi Biography

Early Beginnings 

Ibidunni Ajayi – her maiden name – was born on July 19, 1980 to a large family where she was the fifth of eight children. She had her primary education at K-Kotun Primary School, while she attended Federal Government Girls College, Oyo State for her secondary education. She would later study and obtain a degree in Microbiology from the University of Lagos. Fame came calling in 1999 with her winning of the Miss Lux crown. Ibidunni Ituah-Ighodalo

Pastor Ituah Ighodalo and their two beautiful children

Family, Fertility and her Foundation

Ibidunni met her husband during a wedding where she was a bridesmaid and in February 2007, they were married. Together they adopted two children after years of trying to conceive naturally. Never one to shy away from using her own experiences to inspire others, Ibidun––as she was fondly called––was very vocal about the fertility issues she experienced.

In an Arise TV feature, she shared that she had 11 failed IVF procedures which inspired her to start up the Ibidunni Ighodalo Foundation to help women who were struggling with fertility issues. Ibidunni believed that her experiences through God could inspire someone else in a similar season. Ibidun Ighodalo Ibidunni Ajayi Biography

WATCH: Ibidunni Ituah-Ighodalo raising awareness on infertility 

The Event Planner and Business Woman

The Foundation was not her only baby. In 2003, she founded Elizabeth R, a PR and events management company and subsequently launched a luxury 4000-capacity event centre ‘The Dorchester’ in 2014. In 2016, she launched a bridal store ‘Avant Garde’.

Elizabeth R, her events company was responsible for decorating Lagos during Christmas / festive seasons. She was also involved in the set up of isolation centers in different states across the country. This was in fact the project that took her to Port-Harcourt. Until her last breath, Ibidunni was full of life and love, ever willing to help people all over. She would have turned 40 on the 19th of July.  Ibidun Ituah-Ighodalo

Friends and well wishers who knew her, even for a short while could testify of her good heart, tight hugs and beautiful smile. She was so full of life, care and kindness. As they took to Social media to share their grief, one message was common, Ibidunni was a phenomenal woman who would be sorely missed. Ibidunni Ajayi Biography

Her Service of Songs was held yesterday at the Trinity House Zion Centre. Among many musical tributes, her daughter, Keke sang one last song for her.

Gospel artistes like Tope Alabi, Sammie Okposo, Tosin Martins, Efe Nathan and Buchi also rendered moving songs at the service. Ibidunni Ighodalo biography

WATCH: Tope Alabi’s tribute

Ibidunni Ighodalo’s burial is set to hold Saturday, June 20. Ibidun Ighodalo biography    

Rest with the angels Ibidunni. May her family and all who knew her be comforted. Ibidun Ighodalo biography. Ibidun Ituah-Ighodalo

See more touching tributes shared by her celebrity friends… Ibidun Ituah-Ighodalo

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The last assignment you gave me was to give my family members foodstuff during the lockdown and I’m so grateful I did that. At the beginning of the lockdown you chased me for my account number. Jumoke suddenly asks for my account and I suspected it was you so I refused! You had done too much for me during my wedding last year! You planned it for free! Wedding gown, free! Decoration, free! You just wanted me to keep doing for me! That goodness was enough to last me a lifetime but you never stopped. Jumoke lied that she had a client for me was why she needed my account details. I refused and said the client should contact me first. Next thing you came yourself to ask me directly and literally commanded me to send Tosin and I’s accounts! I did and you sent us 100,000 saying it’s for your baby & your son to buy foodstuff. Barely a month after, you sent 100,000 for my family members on the gram and you didn’t stop there. You sent 300,000 to Tosin and I again!!! We called but you didn’t pick up! You never wanted gratitude! You would run from hearing that “thank you” so we sent a Vn together so you could not only read our thank you but hear us say it. I’m grateful we did that! It prompted this last voice note you sent and that’s the only thing I have to hold on to. Mama they said not to ask why but I can’t help it! You left your Cinderella bride mama! I wish you would just reply me and say it’s a joke. You’ve been harassing me for twins but you didn’t even wait to see them! I can’t believe you can’t see them. I can’t believe you won’t kiss me again. You won’t hug me again. Mama I don’t ever want to believe this. Last night I understood the meaning of heartbreak! Who will love me like you do? You see that shoe you gave me as wedding present. I wore it to bed last night. I woke up with burning toes but I felt comforted knowing I slept with you close to me. I also slept with that autographed devotion you gave me on the 1st of January. It’s all I have left. I will be strong! Very strong! I will wipe my tears, go back to work & rejoice! Makes no sense but I will praise God regardless. I love you my heaven sent helper! With you, I understood this word! I love you my mama

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The measure of your life's value isn't in the duration, but in the donation… what you do with the life you have, in the time you're given, is all that counts. Mrs Ighodalo was the kindest, sweetest, most giving and most beautiful soul. I will never forget her words of encouragement and acts of kindness towards my family and I… and to so many others who were lucky enough to have crossed paths with her at all. She was a blessing to so many… she was the best of us. I pray God will grant her husband, children and loved ones the kind of grace, comfort and strength that only He can provide. No-one knows when their time will be up. We all pray to live long, but we should also pray that we die empty. We should pray that we live a life of love and impact… that we walk in the fullness of what God created us for. Like Ibidun did – she made this dark world a much brighter place. May we all end up doing the same. ❤❤❤

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Sleep while I weep dear sister You didn’t know me nor I you; but you loved me. I could go to sleep knowing you had my back. Now it’s your turn to sleep. : In 2002, Charlotte Essiet tormented me Picked on me and made my experience on “Queen of all Nations” hell. God sent you as chaperone to bring me strength and comfort. Today, you sleep. : You came to my room many nights to just hold me while I cried. I know you tried to get me to tell the pageant director all that was happening. I’m sorry I couldn’t. I was scared. You didn’t force me, simply smiled. I can almost see that smile as you sleep. : Even after the pageant, when I came 2nd, Charlotte was there; quick to point out that I didn’t win. What she didn’t realize is that you never left. You had celebrated me before the D day calling me “beautiful “ (Me?? 😒) and still continued to call me “My Queen”. Oh, my Ibidun , you didn’t tel me you were going to sleep. : I’ve seen you replicate this over the years. Your life became an outreach. Not one person who has come in contact with you spews negative… unless they are like Charlotte Essiet…. You lived your life in service. You gave light and only love. Today you have gone to sleep. : Now for a change, you don’t have to serve. The angels will serve you. They will wait on you. Your babies will miss you. But they will learn and be proud of your legacy even as you sleep. : I have loved you these 18 years sis. I have loved you. Your speech, your touch … even when you styled me… it was always in love. And even now, I don’t know how to end this love. ❤️ Sleep my sister. : : The world is burning. Too many sorry stories. Too much grief and hatred. In a last act of love; you bow out so we can all once again spread your love. ❤️ Sleep dearest Ibidun Ighodalo. Sleep well.

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Jesus…Jesus…Jesus… those were the words that I kept on saying when I heard the news. • • Auntie Ibidun… I can’t stop going back to our whatsapp messages… We always ended our conversation with “I love you so much” and the best emojis followed… • Your smile was so genuine, your voice so sweet and sincere and you always gave the most comforting hugs. • • I remember you holding my hands and praying with me after one of my miscarriages and assuring me that God is still God. Sis, you’ve left us to be with the Lord, A true angel… 🕊 • • I am usually a silent crier but I wailed and sobbed at the confirmation of this news. I pray for divine comfort upon your household, upon Pastor Ituah, upon your beautiful kids, upon your Mum and upon your entire family🙏🏾 I lift up the Ajayi & Ighodalo family, Lord please grant them comfort, strength and the grace to bear this huge loss. Goodnight Angel🙏🏾❤️

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This is one thing she tells me all the time, when she reads negative news about me, she would reach out and say this , TOYIN keep doing what you know how to do best , you do a lot of good for people but they don’t publicize that or post all your good works , but God see it all TOYIN , pls don’t change your heart upon how mean humans can be , don’t be discouraged, you are unique and talented beyond our shores , king and queens will come looking for you ,those that will patronize you ,will find you and stay committed to you ,so it had been since she said it and prayed for me daily, it all happened, I kept working and working ,over the years internationally and locally they patronize me worldwide , thanks to her love and the continuous pushing she gave me not to give up everytime I was down or I had any set back . I will miss you dearly , she’s was the only mother I had left 😭😭😭😭😭 looked at my phone today looking forward to her normal routine prayers , but it didn’t come 🤦‍♀️ we truly take a lot of things for granted in life 😢

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