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SR International: American Footballer Tom Brady Talks New Fashion Line, His New Attitude And Life Beyond Football As He Covers WSJ. Magazine Men’s Fashion Issue

SR International: American Footballer Tom Brady Talks New Fashion Line, His New Attitude And Life Beyond Football As He Covers WSJ. Magazine Men’s Fashion Issue


This is no small thing. After all, there was a time, not long ago, when an interview with Tom Brady, who reportedly has a net worth of $200 Million according to Celebrity Net Worth, might fill a reporter with a wave of anxiety. The man is indisputably a brilliant quarterback, one of the great champions in sports history, and, of course, with his wife, Gisele Bündchen, one-half of one of the galaxy’s starriest couples—but candidly unburdening his inner-most thoughts to the media? Tom Brady Fashion Line

Ehhhhh. Let’s just say that wasn’t Brady’s style. What he said in public and what he said in private were often two different things. This is not a dig; Brady’s said this himself. “What I say versus what I think are two totally different things,” the quarterback said on an episode of the LeBron James–produced talk show, The Shop. “I would say 90 percent of what I say is probably not what I’m thinking.” 
Lately, there’s been evidence of a shift. In March 2020, after two decades and six Super Bowl titles, Brady left the only professional team he’d ever played for, the New England Patriots, for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, leading them, stunningly, to a Super Bowl victory, Brady’s seventh. Tom Brady net worth

Photo: Mario Sorrenti | Courtesy of WSJ. Magazine

In the Florida sun, a noticeably more carefree version of Brady— Brady 2.0—has arisen. Playing for a team with a less formal, more let-it-all-hang-out vibe, under a veteran head coach known to utter stressless maxims like “Win or lose, we booze,” there appears to be a bit of a…loosening up. Tom Brady Fashion Line

Another motivation for Brady to let the world in a little more: Tom Brady, Inc. Believe it or not, Brady will stop playing football at some point, whereupon he intends to turn his attention to a portfolio of business interests ranging from his TB12 fitness brand to fashion and filmmaking and beyond.

Photo: Mario Sorrenti | Courtesy of WSJ. Magazine

A clothing brand is a major new foray. A line of men’s training and activewear, Brady, is coming in November—he’s wearing some of the threads in these pages. His co-founder and the CEO of the eponymous brand is Jens Grede, a force behind fashion behemoths like Kim Kardashian’s hyper-successful Skims line. Tom Brady net worth

Here are some revelations Tom Brady made as he covers WSJ Magazine Men’s Fall Issue…

Brady on the idea that he’s a “different” Tom Brady:

Photo: Mario Sorrenti | Courtesy of WSJ. Magazine

There is a change, he agrees. 
“I feel like I’m just coming back to life in a certain way,” he says.

Bündchen on the shift in her husband:

“Tom has accomplished so much in his career, and the world knows him for his love and devotion to the game of football,” she says. “Now it’s great having others also get to know him a bit more, as I do.” Tom Brady Fashion Line

Jens Grede on the Brady brand:

Grede imagines the Brady brand becoming one of the planet’s biggest namesake sportswear labels, like Jordan. “We’re just focused on creating the finest sports brand in the world,” Grede says. “That really is the ambition.”

Brady on having such an experienced fashion vet in his house as Gisele to ask for advice:

“She’s pretty good,” Brady says of Bündchen. “She’s obviously got incredible taste.” Though Bündchen’s appeared on countless runways and magazine covers, her preference skews casual, he says. “In the end, I think she’s very much a hippie. She’d just prefer to wear, like, a simple little dress in 80-degree weather and, you know, just chill out.”

His wife Gisele on who the clothes horse is in the family:

Photo: Mario Sorrenti | Courtesy of WSJ. Magazine

“He loves clothes way more than I do,” Bündchen says. “He has great taste and understands and really cares about what people want, what can help them feel good. That’s what fashion is about.”

Brady on building brands while still playing football:

“I feel like I’m living two lives,” he says. “My football life and then my post-football life.” Toggling between both, he admits, is tiring. Tom Brady net worth

Brady on his gratitude for New England and the Patriots:

“I certainly wouldn’t change the 20 years that I had,” Brady says matter-of-factly.

Brady on speaking his mind:

“When you’re an employee of a company…you kind of take on the voice of what that company is,” Brady explains. “It is a little sad,” he says. “It’s a little sad because it’s…a challenging thing to do, you know? What you say and what you believe might be two different things.”

“But part of it is: You’re in a team. When you’re in a team, it is not necessarily always what you think. It is kind of what ‘we’ think…. I’ve been a little bit trained to say, you know, this is what ‘we’ think.”

Bruce Arians, the Bucs’ head coach, on seeing Brady open up more throughout the season:

Photo: Mario Sorrenti | Courtesy of WSJ. Magazine

“You could see the personality come out more and more,” Arians says. It had an effect on team confidence: “The rest of the locker room adapted to the personality of ‘Hey, he’s been here, he’s done it. He’s telling us we’re good enough. We believe it.’”

Brady on his perfectionist, “Anti-Aging/Superhero/Never Touches Carbs image”:

Brady might have a different kind of life and a different sort of job, one that involves trying to successfully execute on live television before millions of people, but people of all kinds “are looking for wins professionally. They’re looking for wins personally,” he says. “They’re looking at how to parent in a challenging life, how to have a healthy marriage based on professional responsibilities…. I relate to everybody that way. To think that I don’t is ridiculous. The reality is that I’m very human,” Brady says. Tom Brady net worth

Brady on retirement:

He says he’ll know when it’s time. “I don’t want to be out there and suck,” Brady says. “You think I want to go out there and look like I’m 44 years old? I want to look like I’m in my prime.”

If anything, contemplating Life After Football makes Brady want to play even more. “I don’t think anything will match my football career,” he admits. “I think it’s too hard to replicate that level of energy and output and adrenaline. That’s kind of why I want to go until the end, because I want to make sure I don’t look back and go, ‘Man, I could still do it. I don’t know where that’s going to be. I really don’t.” Tom Brady Fashion Line

He has a contract for this year and next. “Beyond that, I don’t know. Maybe it’s another year after that; maybe it’s two. I’ll have to see where I’m at with my family. That’s probably the overriding factor—what I’m missing out on.”

Brady on his new life Florida, which includes boating:

Photo: Mario Sorrenti | Courtesy of WSJ. Magazine

His family is now a Florida Family, and Brady is now a Florida Man. Jack spent some time at Bucs training camp this summer. Brady’s gotten into boats, and not just any boats—he’s due to take delivery of a 77-foot Wajer, list price said to be $6 million. You can watch a Wajer video of Brady rhapsodizing about snorkeling and spending Christmas on the seas.

“I literally said, ‘I’ll never own a boat in my life. Never. Who likes boats?’” Brady tells me. Now he sees a side benefit of nautical life: enforced family time. “No one can go anywhere,” he says conspiratorially. “They’re captive. I almost want to put my kids on the boat like, ‘You’re hanging with us—that’s how it’s going to go.’” Tom Brady net worth

Brady on this Sunday’s game with the Patriots:

Brady, who habitually downplays future games, doesn’t deny it will be a big one. “That one will be really fun for me,” he says. “Just because I know everybody, you know? I’ve played more games in that stadium than anybody. I know that place like the back of my hand.”


Read the full article on WSJ. Magazine here.

Photo: Mario Sorrenti | Courtesy of WSJ. Magazine


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