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SR Introspection | Audacious Is The New Black According To Uganda’s Olga Nampiima

SR Introspection | Audacious Is The New Black According To Uganda’s Olga Nampiima

A creative has one goal: to evoke emotions that would attract verbal response or nonverbal reactions from the target audience. What was former Miss Uganda Olga Nampiima thinking when she teamed up with fellow Ugandan creatives including creative director Emolsam DNA to create this radically distinctive beauty editorial? We can’t say for sure but the resulting images are one that will stick to your memory like white on rice.

The project by Olga Nampiima may not yet have a definitive title to our knowledge but it has a presence represented by names like “black gold whispers,” “black magic,” and “talk to the bundles.” Looking at the images, what’s most obvious is how the team let the model’s rich melanin skin take centre stage even against the insanely bold hair colours that could lighten up the darkest of spaces.


For makeup artist Olga, this shoot is not her first rodeo; she is known majorly for finding creative ways to make her subjects exotically beautiful yet easy to connect with.

Sometime in September 2018, she partook in a project where gorgeous dark-skinned models were photographed to express what the cultural image of an African king and his beautiful subjects was like. The project threw light on strength, courage, and fierceness.


In the same light, we can say that Olga, a champion of showing off rich qualities of the motherland and the black race, is once again drawing on the subject of the beauty and power of raw blackness with this editorial.

Black is audacious, brave, outstanding, and intense. It doesn’t back down or cowers like we were previously made to believe. Black isn’t frightening or menacing. This is what Olga, Emolsam and the other creatives involved in this project have the audacity to share with the world. They are asking you to wear your blackness proudly and be audacious – because that is the new black!

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Creative Team

Model: @adutofficial from @jorammodelmanagement

Accessories: @moyobybibi

Photographed: @photo4fashion

Crotchet Wig and styling: @sam_mobile_hair

Concept and Art direction: @emolsam_d.n.a

Makeup: @Makeubyolga_uk

Hair: @sam_mobile_hair

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