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SR Bridal: We Found The Most Stunning Bridal Turban Ideas For Muslim Brides

SR Bridal: We Found The Most Stunning Bridal Turban Ideas For Muslim Brides

A wedding ceremony will forever be an excuse to do the most. No matter what a bride’s cultural or religious values are, it makes no difference when it comes to fashion as every woman dreams of looking beyond incredible on her wedding day. For many brides, the perfect wedding look is not complete without a crown, a veil or a bridal turban in the case of Muslim brides.

But the stress of planning a wedding can sometimes be so overwhelming that many brides feel lost, giving up on attaining their dream look. If you happen to be a Muslim bride, I dare say it is even easier to throw in the towel when you can’t create your perfect look and your Nikkah is just around the corner. Most new age hijabis and Muslim brides have a more contemporary taste especially when it comes to their head wraps, but finding a befitting head wrap can be quite a task because most head wrap styles are too traditional or lack personality and pizazz.

Trying to alleviate the hassle of finding contemporary bridal hijab styles is what led us to this discovery: a shoot by Tope Horpload for Turban Tempest. You see, turbans and hijabs have more similarities than differences. Both are used as a head covering and for less traditional Muslimahs, both serve the purpose alright.

So here’s to postponing our bridal hijab curation and raving on these stunning bridal turban styles instead.

If you’re a fashion-forward Muslimah, you’ll love these contemporary bridal turbans…

Bridal Turban

Bridal Turban

Bridal Turban


Photo Credit: IG | @tope_horpload

Creative Team 

Makeup: @anitabrows
Model: @funke_williams
Dress and Turban: @tojufoyeh / @turbantempest
Creative Direction: @funsho_o

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