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SR-Approved: 5 Chic Aso Ebi Gowns You Should See

SR-Approved: 5 Chic Aso Ebi Gowns You Should See

Usually when someone says “let me show you the aso ebi style I want to sew,” I reluctantly take a look because many times I am unimpressed by what I’m being shown. This is why I often take it upon myself to search out styles that aren’t a ball of mess – meaning: far from gaudy.

Recently, in a bid to help a friend out, I went to the one place where there’s a community of Style Ravens – Instagram, searching for simple and stunning lace aso ebi gowns that suit my own vision of what to wear as a traditional wedding guest. It was then I understood why this friend had settled for less.

When I tell you that searching for rave-worthy aso ebi styles this week was like looking for a needle in a haystack, you might not believe it. Save for the recent #TeddieMak wedding ceremony that ushered in a dose of 2019-worthy aso ebi styles, I would have assumed that fashion designers and fashionistas alike, had lost their magic.

Since I needed much simpler options for my friend, I couldn’t only rely on the style offerings from Mo Abudu’s Daughter’s trad wedding. My search ultimately led me to the designs you are about to see below.

Here are 5 SR-approved lace aso ebi gowns for your inspiration

Mimi Onalaja
aso ebi styles @tolubally
aso ebi styles
aso ebi styles
aso ebi styles

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