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How To Incorporate Stripes Into Your Wardrobe Like a Pro

How To Incorporate Stripes Into Your Wardrobe Like a Pro

Stripes have been a menswear staple for a pretty handsome long time but all stripes are not created equal. Rocking a striped look is about choosing the right kind for your body type, matching your outfit accordingly and finding a balance between bold and conservative.

Horizontal, vertical or diagonal: there are so many different stripes out there that styling a striped shirt or trousers (pant) can be daunting if “fashion isn’t really your thing.” This is where we come in. Ultimately, it’s about finding stripes which are flattering to your own style and body shape. The great thing about stripes is that they never age. They’re just as much on trend now as they were 20 years ago.

If you want to move away from your staple roster of plain black and white tees, navy blue shirts and grey sweaters, then the easiest way to incorporate pattern into your wardrobe is to bring stripes into the game. They are so easy to incorporate into your existing wardrobe as they are easy to style with other pieces, giving off that timeless, minimal vibe.

From striped blazers to striped shorts, here are ways to incorporate stripes into your wardrobe…

1. Stripes on suit

Incorporate stripes
Akin Faminu

The easiest way to incorporate stripes into suiting is, of course, the pinstripe suit. The pinstripe suit is a corporate wardrobe staple but these days it’s also making its way into out-of-office affairs. So it’s no longer business as usual for the pinstripe suit as its new semi-formal role has it playing into a contemporary and elegant appeal.

2. Smart casual look

Steven Onoja

When it comes to t-shirts, go for horizontal stripes. The classic Breton stripe is perfect for a look that balances the line between formal and relaxed. With casual shirts, vertical stripes like Steve Onoja’s are the way to go. Note that the wider the stripe, the less stylish it is. Also, steer clear of any athleisure clothing when the idea is to dress in a smart casual manner. 

3. The relaxed or beach Look

Incorporate stripes
King Nonso Duke

The nautical association of stripes make them a perfect choice for a day of relaxing by or on the water. At this point, your look is so casual that you’re free to do almost anything you want.

Get inspired by how some of our fave celebrities and influencers style their striped pieces…

Incorporate stripes
Adebayo Oke-Lawal
Incorporate stripes
Denola Grey
Ebuka Obi-Uchendu
Igee Okafor
Kuyet Bamai
Tomiwa Adedokun
The Style Train
McAuthur Joseph
Tope Okunuga

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