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None Of The Latest Aso Ebi Styles We Love Come With Boring Sleeves

None Of The Latest Aso Ebi Styles We Love Come With Boring Sleeves

Latest Aso Ebi Styles

One of the most exciting things about our week has got to be curating the latest SR-approved aso ebi styles, and so far we can confidently pat ourselves on the back because the style suggestions we have here are literally the only ones you should be looking at right now.

Aso ebi is such an integral part of our culture which is why there’s always something more to look out for – just like an endless love affair! From singer Chidinma Ekile’s couture ball gown wonder by CEO Luminee to actress Chinenye Ubah’s sheer teal ensemble, you’ll see that what this aso ebi lookbook offers is pure sartorial splendour.

Chidinma Ekile

If you have been nursing the desire to stand out at your next event then one of these looks, all spotted in 2019, will do the trick. Also, if you’re looking to let your sleeves do most of the talking, the options here present a variety of gorgeous sleeve designs. Agreed, Chidinma’s look is quite grand and may compete with the bride’s but she gets a pass as the star girl she is.

Here are the SR-approved aso ebi styles you should pin…

Artistic Elegance



Simplistic Elegance.

Chinenye Ubah via @glammeprobeauty


As always, we are committed to bringing you the best of the best, after all no one ever searched for “average aso ebi styles” or “boring aso ebi styles.” Thus, our selection offers you the most inspiring designs that will help you take centre stage among the aso ebi faithfuls – of course, without outdoing the bride!

Photo Credit: IG | As Captioned

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