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A Simple Guide To Styling Your Floral Outfits This Summer/Rainy Season | Photobook

A Simple Guide To Styling Your Floral Outfits This Summer/Rainy Season | Photobook

There’s something that is referred to as the ‘greenhouse effect’ and this should affect our style during any particular season. With the summer/rainy season in full swing, this effect has kicked off with floral outfits. Floral fashion is a hit year after year, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less exciting each time around – innovative shapes, fabrications and print designs make florals a fun new addition to your wardrobe.

Floral outfits at one point in time were avoided because people believed wearing a floral piece would make you look ‘matronly’. However, that ideology changed a couple of years ago as social media suddenly started bursting with fun floral designs. The greenhouse effect is still happening right now!

If you want to catch on to this trend, as a true Style Raven, scroll through this photo book to find tips and tricks on how to style your floral pieces.

Rock your floral pants!

Florals can be tastefully done it just depends on the colours as well as the cut. A floral pant paired with a solid coloured blouse gives you a girly but brave look…


Wrap up with a floral jacket

Adding a burst of summer with your floral piece is just what you need. You can mix it up with solid colours according to the background on the piece, just like this look below.


 Use it to make a bold statement

Interjecting a floral piece takes having a keen eye but if you can’t be bothered then a simple maxi dress can do the trick.


Pair with matching solid colours

Florals can be very bold and so to tone it down you could go for an uber-feminine feel, for example, adding a solid coloured blazer to a floral dress.


Mix and match!

To be stylish means you have to be creative and you have to have an ‘attitude’. You could try something different for example pairing your floral shirt with Ankara pants and head-wrap.


Add an edgy jacket

We talked about toning it down by going for an uber-feminine look, however, you could also be edgy for example adding a cool leather jacket to a floral dress.

@15th district


With floral prints, all you need to do is accessorize with colours that you can find on the print.


Match up your pastels!

Rather than tone down your floral, you could work it up. For example, if your floral dress if filled up with feminine and pastel colours then you should match the pastels on the dress with accessories of similar or like colours.


How do you pair your floral outfits?

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