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Stylish And Trendy Sneakers + Ankara Combinations You Would Love

Stylish And Trendy Sneakers + Ankara Combinations You Would Love

I remember being in love with sneakers as a teenager. I used to pair it with literally anything – traditional wear included. The good thing about our parents then was the fact that they let us wear anything we were comfortable with, at least most of the time. As I grew older, things changed. Wearing sneakers with dresses or jumpsuit became a faux pas. You are either expected to pair your outfits with ballerina flats, sandals, heels but definitely not sneakers.

In my heart, I knew the right sneakers would turn heads while providing the necessary comfort that was needed but I did not want to be labelled a hipster and so I stuck to the rules that the fashion world made for me. Thankfully millennials have broken that rule and now I wear sneakers with anything and still look good, in fact, the sneaker trend has become bigger, better and more evolved. There is no ‘basic’ combination right now; you either go low or you go banging and of course, as true fashion lover you must go banging!

While the rest of the world is loving the sneakers + anything goes trend, here in Africa our fashionistas and Style Ravens decided to take it up a notch by rocking it with the famous African print known as Ankara‘. As we all know,  the Ankara is such a pretty fabric, with its rich pop of colours and glorious patterns it’s little wonder why it’s become so popular.

With Ankara, you can sew sexy or breezy pieces that easily give you styling points. But what could bring more flair your way? Pairing some sneakers with an Ankara piece, whether it is a dress, trousers or skirt. Now that’s a sure way to take your style game to the next level.

Check out some inspirations below and join in on the trend!


Dive Into Mauve Blog

Jaydee’s Blog



Monica Etuk

Staples and Styles


Violet Bannerman

Have you tried pairing Ankara with sneakers before? What styling options do you prefer?

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