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“The Bow Is Mine!” Self-Portrait Unveils Debut Bag Collection Paying Homage To The ’90s

“The Bow Is Mine!” Self-Portrait Unveils Debut Bag Collection Paying Homage To The ’90s


Han Chong, Founder and Creative Director of London-based fashion brand Self-Portrait, has collaborated with Renell Medrano, Haley Wollens, and Naomi Campbell to pay homage to the ’90s — an era that continually influences and inspires the brand — to bring the attitude and sensibility of Self-Portrait’s debut collection of bags to life.

Rooted in the mood of an inspirational time in fashion and creative cultural history, the video-led campaign is set to the original ’90s iconic hit record “The Boy Is Mine” by Brandy and Monica. Directed and captured by Renell Medrano, Naomi Campbell takes on the confident and provocative leading role, alongside her Bow Bag.


The film was shot in a private house in London across a series of rooms and presents a sequence of imagined telephone conversations with only one thing known for certain: the Bow is hers. Naomi wears pieces from Self-Portrait’s upcoming Autumn/Winter 2022 collection including a sequined two-piece skirt and crop top, power mesh long sleeve gown, and knitted midi dress all styled by Haley Wollens.

Inspired by the ease and freedom associated with the Self-Portrait brand, the Bow Bag debuts with two styles — the Bow Mini and the Bow Micro.

Speaking on the new releases, Han Chong said: “When thinking about how to launch the Bow Bag, I was feeling quite nostalgic and reflective of the past and kept being drawn to the 90s, an era when fashion was sweet yet tough, and heavily influenced by music. The origins for this campaign came from such a simple idea born out of a play on words with the name of our new bag.

“There is only one person I knew would be able to fill the role of our lead for this video…Naomi defines not only the era we are paying tribute to through this project, but she represents everything the self-portrait woman stands for — she’s strong, independent, provocative, and always authentically herself.” He added.  Self-Portrait Bag Collection

The leading lady, Naomi also had something to say about the collaboration: “Being British, it’s always important to me to support talented creatives from my own country especially those that celebrate women in the way self-portrait does. Collaborating with Han, Renell, and Haley on my first campaign for the house was a great experience both culturally and creatively which made the experience feel nostalgic of an era when it was all about storytelling through the image.”


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