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Rave News Digest: Fayemi, Juan Guaido, Zimbabwean Billionaire Rewards Selfless Act + More

Rave News Digest: Fayemi, Juan Guaido, Zimbabwean Billionaire Rewards Selfless Act + More

Our Rave News Digest summarizes some of the hottest global news you need to catch up on, saving you time and energy. Consider it your daily news fix.

Here is a rundown of 5 of the hottest news topics…

1. Juan Guaido barred from public office for 15 years

The Venezuelan financial controller has announced that opposition leader Juan Guaido will be barred from holding further public office for the next 15 years. This comes after the financial controller, Comptroller Elvis Amoroso said Guaido’s personal financial statements contained inconsistencies.

Juan Guaido

Guaido however hit back at the announcement, saying Amoroso was “not auditor general” and therefore had no right. “The legitimate congress is the only one with the power to designate an auditor general,” he explained.

Guaido, who is the head of the opposition-controlled National Assembly, declared himself interim president in January and has since been perceived as a threat to current president Nicholas Maduro. The opposition leader however has the support of over 50 countries including the United States.

With the backing of the Trump administration, Guaido has led calls for Maduro to step down as president as discontent with his socialist regime grows amidst a humanitarian crisis. The office ban is the latest in an apparent bid to frustrate Guaido. The opposition leader has previously had his assets frozen and a travel ban imposed on him.

2. Theresa May’s EU Brexit deal rejected by Parliament a third time

British lawmakers today rejected PM Theresa May’s Brexit deal for a third time, adding further uncertainty and confusion over the country’s efforts to leave the European Union. The House of Commons voted 344-286 against May’s withdrawal agreement.

Britain now has until April 12 to announce a new plan, or leave the EU without a deal which could lead to a disorderly exit that could damage Britain’s economy. This could also lead to extended delay to Britain’s departure from the EU or no Brexit at all.

Theresa May at the House of Commons

Today’s vote was on the withdrawal agreement that sets out the terms of Britain’s departure from the bloc – but not a shorter declaration on future ties. The vote came on the day that Britain was originally scheduled to leave the EU and the result raises the possibility that the nation may need to hold a second national referendum on Brexit or call a general election to solve the impasse.

Food shortages, sky-rocketing cheese prices, grounded airplanes, traffic jams, riots and even a re-purposed Cold War-era emergency exit route for Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II are just some of the warnings being sounded in Britain if the nation leaves the bloc it joined 46 years ago without securing a withdrawal deal with the EU that’s also acceptable to lawmakers. That’s because many of Britain’s laws from security policy to public health for decades have been formed in cooperation with the EU. Much of this legislation, under a “no-deal” Brexit, would effectively evaporate overnight.

Lawmakers plan to hold a series of votes on Monday in an attempt to find a new plan.

Source: USA Today

3. Appeal court affirms Fayemi as Ekiti Governor

A petition filed by the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Olusola Kolapo, challenging the emergence of Kayode Fayemi of the All Progressives Congress (APC) as the winner of the Ekiti State governorship election, has been dismissed by the Court of Appeal.

Ekiti state governor Kayode Fayemi

The court dismissed Mr Kolapo’s appeal for lacking in merit. The three-member panel ruled that the January 28 decision of the state election tribunal was meritorious. The tribunal had dismissed the same petition after it ruled that the PDP failed to prove the allegations in its petition.

The PDP had approached the tribunal after alleging massive rigging of the elections by the opposition party APC. Fayemi was declared winner after securing the most number of votes in the election.

4. India joins league of global space powers

Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, said India has successfully conducted an anti-satellite missile test that put the country in a league of global “space powers.”

In a national address, Modi said India had achieved a “historic feat” by shooting down its low-orbit satellite with aground-to-space missile in three minutes. Only three other countries—the US, Russia and China—have the capabilities to use an anti-satellite missile.

India Prime Minister Narendra Modi

There has been significant growth in India’s space program over the last decade. Worthy of mention is their exploit in 2014 when the nation put a satellite into orbit around Mars. Indian Space Research Organization has announced that it will send a manned mission into space in the next three years.

The Prime minister said the operation called Mission Shakti—which stands for “power” in Hindi—would defend the country’s interests in space.

5. 71-year old grandmother catches billionaire’s eye

A 71-year-old woman, Plaxedes Dilon, walked several miles to the highlands Presbyterian Church in Zimbabwe’s capital to donate clothing and household items to cyclone survivors. The selfless act which has been praised in Zimbabwe and beyond, caught the attention of Zimbabwe’s richest man, Strive Masiyiwa.

The billionaire in a Facebook post, called it “one of the most remarkable acts of compassion I have ever seen.”

Plaxedes Dilon with sack on her head

The church posted a photo of Dilon with a sack balanced on her head as she trekked to the church because she could not afford a ride from her neighbourhood about six miles away. She gave away some of the clothes she sells for a living after hearing about the news of the disaster on the radio.

Masiyiwa has now vowed to reward the woman by building her a home equipped with running water and solar power. The building will be situated wherever she wants in the country. The business mogul also promised her $1,000 per month for as long as she lived. Amazing!

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