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Punk Muslimah! Makeup Artist NEMAH HASAN Takes Modest Fashion To The Next Level

Punk Muslimah! Makeup Artist NEMAH HASAN Takes Modest Fashion To The Next Level


Nemah Hasan, the makeup artist with a beautiful voice is not your typical poster child for the Hijabi fashion world. When you think about modest fashion, you think about long frilly skirts, hijab outfits that cover your neck, pop socks and a host of other things that prevent a lot of body parts from being exposed. You also think of looks that are classy and elegant but never in your wildest dreams do you imagine modest fashion would involve huge hoop earrings, fanny packs, military style boots, fishnets and every other thing that has to do with Punk Fashion.

Nemah Hasan, however, has something else in mind. Dressing modestly sometimes has a way of making you feel lost and outdated. However, hijabis like Nemah have been able to remain modest while being trendy. Nemah has taken the word ‘modest fashion’ to a whole new level with her hipster punk look by being able to combine the most audacious and trendy pieces and in doing so she makes punk look ultra cool.

Here are some of Nemah’s modest yet trendy looks…

Photo credit: IG | Nemahsis

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