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Watch TOMI POPOOLA Show How She Stretches Her Natural Hair With No Heat

Watch TOMI POPOOLA Show How She Stretches Her Natural Hair With No Heat


Have you been trying to figure out the best way to stretch or straighten your natural hair? Of course, every black girl should love her natural curls but stretching your hair before styling can result in a totally different look. But we all know every natural haired woman is scared of heat damage. I remember that one time I used too much heat on my hair and never got my curls back till I started all over again. Thanks to Tomi Popoola as she shows how to stretch natural hair with no heat using the threading method.

Stretching hair without heat is a game changer for natural haircare as it can help to minimise tangling and knotting. It also prepares the hair for other styles, allows you to see your length, and can make for an easier detangling session. Using no heat in the process also protects hair from damage and dryness that hair dryers can induce in natural hair. The important part though is that heatless stretching cannot be aggressive. The aim is not to fully straighten the hair but simply elongate it to around 70-80% of its full length. The final effect of gentle stretching is similar to a blow-out and in order to get the best stretch, your hair should be fully dry at the final take-out stage.

Watch and learn…

How do you stretch your natural hair?

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