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The Obi Belt Trend Is Still Ruling The 2020 Fashion Scene: 24 Looks + Styling Tips

The Obi Belt Trend Is Still Ruling The 2020 Fashion Scene: 24 Looks + Styling Tips


What’s better than a functional trendsetting staple? A versatile one that stands out with ease. Proving this in unique and fashion-forward ways, the obi belt has ruled the accessories scene throughout 2020. Not only does the statement-making belt elevate a variety of outfits, but it also serves as a silhouette-defining piece.

With its cultural identity being grounded as a part of the Japanese attire worn by Geishas, the obi belt has a certain charm to its appearance. The sash-like strap has a number of intricate elements that contribute to its elegant design. From texture to cut, details to functionality, no two obi belts are the same. 

Whether you’re a sophisticated designer bag addict, or a simple babe looking to add some structure to your style, the right obi belt could be a perfect fit.

how to wear the obi belt stylerave

Here are some tips on rocking the obi belt…

#1. Colors and prints

While the obi belt is best known for its waist-cinching ability, its adaptability towards color palettes and prints are just as important. Firstly, colors play a major role in pin-pointing a fashionista’s personal style. As such, the obi belt conforms to this need by fitting into both neutral and bright tinges. Adding a little bit of unconventionality to this, the obi can also be rocked in prints like polka dots and stripes.

#2. Outfits to match
Toke Makinwa how to wear the obi belt stylerave
Toke Makinwa wearing the statement accessory with a blazer and midi skirt

When it comes to picking a chic outfit to strap the obi belt on, a sense of intentionality is required, as always. Details like texture, design, and details ensure a fabulous ensemble. To illustrate, for a fancy or formal vibe, the obi can be worn over a blazer and midi skirt. Alternatively, it can be rocked casually with an oversized shirt and a pair of denim shorts.

#3. Accessorize to create a balance

The art of accessorizing with the obi belt comes with a need for balance. This is essential, as the wide strip item is an accessory on its own, and complementing it is key. To do this properly, a monochromatic approach can be incorporated, where the color of your obi belt can be aligned with your footwear or handbag. Likewise, to maintain a subtle yet sexy accent of the obi belt, dainty jewelry pieces do the trick.

So, if you’re looking for some inspiration on all things cinching and hot this season, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 24 fabulous looks to guide you on how to style the obi belt…

Oversized Shirts / Shirt Dresses

Tolu Bally waist belts stylerave
Tolu bally


 how to wear the obi belt stylerave
Folake Kuye Huntoon


black shirt dress obi belts stylerave

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brown obi belt stylerave


Maxi Dresses

white maxi dress hijab fashion stylerave


maxi dress with obi belt stylerave
Angel Obasi


Folake Akindele Coker the obi belt stylerave
Folake Akindele Coker


maxi shirt dresses black waist belts stylerave
Nimi Nwofor


orange maxi dress obi belt trend stylerave

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Casual Ensembles

Lisa Folawiyo blue velour trousers stylerave
 Lisa Folawiyo


how to style a t-shirt stylerave
 Idia Aisien



Chioma Ikokwu


Leslie sidora black jumpsuit with obi belt stylerave
Leslie Sidora

obi belt with jumpsuit stylerave
Alexandra Lapp


polka dot jumpsuit with obi belt stylerave
Nimi Nwofor


snakeskin jumpsuit how to style an obi belt stylerave
 Bimbo Ademoye


African Prints

ankara maxi gowns brown obi belt stylerave
Angel Obasi


Sharon ooja blue midi dress latest fashion trends stylerave
Sharon Ooja


ankara maxi gowns stylerave
 Angel Obasi


Silk Camis

how to style an obi belt stylerave
Suyapa Lucy


With Blazers

how to wear the obi belt stylerave


striped blazer obi belt leather stylerave


Denim Fits



denim on denim fashion obi belt trend stylerave


Sheer Dresses

sheer skater dress white shirt stylerave
Victoria Barbára

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