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8 Impossibly Stylish Jewelry Trends To Jump On This Fall

8 Impossibly Stylish Jewelry Trends To Jump On This Fall


Well, well, well, what do we have here? If it’s not another stylish piece of jewelry that makes all the difference. One thing that style influencers will agree on is that the right jewelry can do wonders to an ensemble. No jokes, they can literally take any regular look and elevate it to style status. This is what the best of the best know and do diligently, even the celebs approve. Fall jewelry trends 2022.

This season, we’ve been blessed with some impossibly stylish jewelry trends that are showing up everywhere. From high fashion runways to Instagram pages, the movers and shakers of fashion have gotten the memo, so we thought to keep you updated as well. When it comes to fall jewelry trends, 2022 has seen its own share of the expected and also unexpected. Consequently, there is a massive variety of options to suit individual taste palates. That is to say that there’s certainly one trend you’ll absolutely fall in love with. 

Check out 8 jewelry trends for fall 2022 you’ll totally adore… 

#1. Hoop earrings

Whether dainty or over-the-top, hoop earrings make it to the top jewelry trends for fall 2022. How you rock it is totally up to you, but keep in mind your day’s activities when picking your pair. For instance, a smaller pair of hoop earrings will make more sense when going about heavy activities or even playing with kids.


#2. Maximum cuffs and bangles

The runway of several fashion weeks was peppered with large cuffs and bangles of different materials. From singles to stacks, there was no shortage of this fall jewelry trend. However, don’t go jumping on maximum size because your favorite influencer has been spotted in it. Rather, opt for one that suits your personality and you’ll be comfortable in. Although, we can’t ignore that big is totally in.


#3. Head adornments

This 2022 fall, bejeweled is the name of the game, especially for your head. From clips to headbands and everything in between, adorn your head with sparkly marvels and you’ll be in the right. This jewelry trend is perfect for those special occasions when “glam glam” is the only option you’ll entertain.


#4. Floral theme

Okay, we know this isn’t spring but the flowers are making their way from the gardens to your jewelry. Floral-themed pieces are a mega standout this season due to their representation on the runways. Necklaces, rings, earrings, brooches, and many more have received a baptism of flowers and we’re so here for it!


#5. Modern pearls

The classic pearls have just gotten a makeover all thanks to creative designers. This fall, they are available in gorgeous earrings, necklaces, and bracelets and even come in handy as a handbag accessory. We are happy to announce that jewelry designers certainly have their thinking caps on.   


#6. Thick chokers

Chokers are still in and this fall, they’ve gotten thicker! This is a perfect addition to your slay-arsenal that will surely keep all eyes on you. Of course, there’s a note of advice when rocking this trend and that is to keep other accessories minimal.  


#7. Chunky chain necklace

Yes, another necklace. Depending on your ensemble, you can swap your thick choker for a chunky necklace that can give off a similar effect. Otherwise, stack this with small, thin necklaces for an edge. The key to nailing this is to allow your chunky chain to do all the singing while the others back up. Clever, isn’t it?


#8. More crystals

Crystals are a fall jewelry trend that surely has a soul. It’s the way they appear to hold a world of glamour in their core that makes them a personal favorite. Interestingly, they work well for any type of look you’re aiming for — whether formal, business casual, or sexy! Certainly, you should own at least a pair this season. No excuses. 


If you have nothing to say but want to make a statement, say it out loud with these stunning jewelry trends for 2022.

Featured image: @swarovski/Instagram

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