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10 Of The Hottest Boot Trends For Fall 2023

10 Of The Hottest Boot Trends For Fall 2023

Best Fall boots

Fall is officially known as the start of boot season thanks to the cooling weather and the need to cover up skin. To say boots make it to the top of every fall/autumn shopping list would be stating the obvious as every fashion enthusiast understands the necessity of balancing function with style, and boots check that box. This season, the runways, high fashion streets, and social media are teeming with an impressive selection of boots that a style girl like yourself shouldn’t ignore.

When it comes to shopping for boots, the look you’re aiming for determines the kind of boot you should opt for. From timeless options to edgy sensations, there’s a boot to meet your every vibe. In addition, ‘wear-ability’ and durability should also be considered as you want to rock your boots throughout the season and beyond. For this to happen, you need to cop a high-quality pair that’s stylish and totally you. 

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Considering the endless options of boots available, picking the perfect pair for the season can sometimes be a challenge. As a result, we have curated some of the best fall boots that are celeb-approved, affordable, and stylish enough for your 2023 fall slay. Yes, we know, and you’re welcome. 

Check out the 10 best trending boots for your 2023 fall slay…

#1. Over-the-knee boots

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There’s something dang sexy about over-the-knee boots that have made them a favorite for style stars looking to flaunt their flirty side in the fall. Whether crafted from leather or suede, they bring an alluring vibe into your ensemble that almost can’t be replicated with any other variation. 


#2. Rain boots


Gone are the days when rain boots were an eyesore that one had to “endure.” Thanks to the creativity of designers, rain boots have been updated to provide a stylish option for those wet days. Its slip-resistant outsole, cushioned insole, and rubber exterior will keep you safe and comfy without compromising on style.

#3. Prints boots


Although fall fashion isn’t famous for colors and prints, you can make an exception on days you want to really make a statement. On such days, grab a pair of boots with interesting prints to stand out. From classics like florals and animal skin to more contemporary options like gingham and abstracts, your fall slay is posed to turn heads in a printed pair.

#4. Biker boots

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There’s a stylish quirkiness that comes with biker boots. Perhaps, this is due to its origin as the trusted footwear of bike riders bent on making a bold fashion statement while still maintaining comfort. This season, grab a nice pair and style it with fitted leather pants, a bomber jacket, and dark sunglasses for a robocop flair. Plus, the hardware accents make them even hipper. 


#5. Platform boots


When platforms decided to make their way back into our lives, they stayed committed to infiltrating our closets with a plethora of options, including sandals and pumps. For fall 2023, platform boots are the boots no style star should do without, especially if you’re aboard the 90s fashion train. What adds to their allure is that they work well for a variety of outfits, leaving no room for errors. 

#6. Cowboy ankle boots


Yee-haw, the cowboy boots are in a baby! As you stride into fall with your impressive swagger, these boots might just be what you need to finish the mission in style. Although they are available in different colors and styles, the neutral-toned options are great for a style girl who wants to maintain the colors of the season. P.S.: You don’t need a matching hat to leverage the style power of these boots.  

#7. Lug soles

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The thick soles with serrated edges found on these boots provide good footing and stability irrespective of where you choose to tread. While some options could have a certain heft (remember, they are heavy-duty shoes), these boots’ style-staying power is commendable. Plus, when you consider how comfortable they are, you’ll agree that overlooking them might be a mistake.


#8. Cherry red boots


As we leave summer behind and the bright hues go to the back of the wardrobe, there are some witty ways to add a touch of color to your outfit in the generally muted fall fashion scene. One of which is to turn to cherry red boots. The great thing about these boots is that they are not so bright that they appear out of sync, nor are they too muted that they blend in — think of them as the best of both worlds. 

#9. Fabric boots


On the days when you aren’t feeling those leggings or socks but still want to keep your legs warm, turn your attention to fabric boots. They are functional, stylish, and can be dang sexy, especially in over-the-knee styles. 

#10. Wader boots


In recent shows, the F/W runways have been peppered with wader boots; so we aren’t surprised that it’s one of the heaviest trends of the season. These extra-wide over-the-knee boots have pleased everyone, from celebs to influencers, and now they are itching for a place on your shoe rack. 

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