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6 Date Ideas With Your Partner As Life Gradually Returns To Normal

6 Date Ideas With Your Partner As Life Gradually Returns To Normal


Things might finally be having a semblance of normalcy as the lockdown is starting to ease off and we’re pretty elated about it. No one finds this news more pleasing than two lovers who have been forced to stay apart these past months.

This era of the pandemic has been tasking on relationships, especially those who suddenly found themselves in a long-distance relationship due to the lockdowns, travel restrictions and so on. What better way to reunite with your partner if not to plan the most romantic date ever in the history of your relationship? Well, now is the best time to do that.

In these trying times, being deliberate about your relationship is expedient because there’s always something that can easily trigger some negative emotions. This is the reason you both have to make efforts to make it work. One of the best ways to do this is by being spontaneous with dates. Of course, it’s easy to run out of date ideas that’s why we’ve curated this list.

Check out 6 date ideas for that extra spark…

#1. Have an at-home date night

Photo: Andres Ayrton | Pexels

It’s not just your regular dinner you guys share each day. By no means! This time, you and your significant other will have to dress up and show up. Ditch that T-shirt you’ve worn frequently at home for a dress so stunning he can’t take his eyes off you. Set the table properly, curate a playlist, and create a romantic ambiance. If you’re both in different locations, this can be virtual, just order in the same food.

#2. Play your favorite games

Photo: cottonbro | Pexels

The backyard could finally have some use other than piling up things you really don’t need but somehow find a way of convincing yourself that you do. Having an outdoor game date is very playful and might be all you and your partner need to kick-start your life after all we have collectively experienced since 2020. Try board and/or card games, then follow up with karaoke to finish up the night.

#3. Attend a virtual event

Photo: cottonbro | Pexels

Thanks and no thanks to the pandemic, physical events are yet to fully recover, but there are lots of virtual shows online right now. Your favorite celebrities might be live streaming and what better way to attend a music concert or comedy show from the comfort of your home? These are the days.

#4. Take walks together

Photo: Mental Health America (MHA) | Pexels

After a prolonged period of restrictions on movement, those walls should already feel like they’re caving in. A little walk (or maybe not so little) is just what your heart needs right now. Depending on your location, if you’re able to take walks then it’s a therapeutic and romantic thing to do. Your body, mind and relationship will certainly thank you.

#5. Get warm with spa time

Photo: Burst | Pexels

This is absolutely an awesome date idea. Imagine steaming together while getting a pedicure or massage? Super romantic! Try ordering a spa kit and then watch DIY YouTube videos and then try it on each other.

6. Explore your bodies

Photo: cottonbro | Pexels

So what if after a great evening you end the night with sizzling hot sex? Oh come on, let’s not act like we all don’t want that. The pandemic may have come with a wave of indifference towards your partner, so don’t assume sex would just happen and leave everything to spontaneity. There’s really nothing wrong with scheduling a time for intimacy after carrying out these date ideas.

The main ingredient needed is love for your partner. Everything else, like date ideas, would come pouring in naturally.

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