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Cynthia Abila Debuts A Tradition-Inspired SS19 Collection Tagged ‘Alydia’

Cynthia Abila Debuts A Tradition-Inspired SS19 Collection Tagged ‘Alydia’

According to the brand, the SS19 collection by Cynthia Abila as shown at the 2018 Lagos Fashion Week runway, “was born after a trip made to the Niger Delta region of Nigeria in July. The trip was filled with unusual emotions and ungodly awareness; witnessing of the most elaborate burial festivities, exaggerated praises, energetic crowds, colourful caskets adorned with ornaments and corals. A glamorous celebration of the dead.”

The journey was documented by Cynthia Abila through this collection called ‘Alydia,’ as she was the centre of the euphoria. For Cynthia, this collection was reimagined and inspired by life’s vitality and a life well spent. The opulence inspired the collection’s aesthetics, colour scheme and fabrication using the Krukrubite, a handwoven fabric native to the Niger Delta people of the South-South region of Nigeria.

Here’s a look at Cynthia Abila’s SS19 collection…

A L Y D I A | Lookbook

Cynthia Abila

Creative Team

Photography: Mide King Visuals | @midekingvisuals

Creative Direction: Chigozie Cynthia | @cynthiachigozie for Cynthia Abila | @cynthia_abila

Models: Sarah | @SarahSokulskyj, Thithilayo | @Thithilayo

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