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Austrian Lace Is Challenging Conventional Fabrics With Contemporary Styles

Austrian Lace Is Challenging Conventional Fabrics With Contemporary Styles


In the current global environment of fashion, self-expression stands at its core. It empowers and identifies us through certain colors, patterns, and fabrics. Nigeria offers similar insight into vibrant fashion and societal expression through traditional silhouettes. Austrian Lace

Fashion has evolved to include contemporary fashion as an extended art form that seeks to encapsulate social currents, timeless culture, and self-expression. Embroidery in native-woven African clothing pre-dates European imported fabrics garnering a trade and creative history that has been setting the stage for fashion. The Association of Austrian Lace Manufacturers celebrates fashion, history, and culture in its representation of African fashion through this timeless editorial.


For the editorial, models were draped in fabric by six renowned Austrian lace producers: Getzner, HKG Embroideries, HOH Hoferhecht Embroideries, Oskar, Riedmann, and Wilhelm Scheffknecht. The inspiration behind the editorial was to challenge the stereotypical attitude and remove a stigma around lace — that it caters to only a traditional and older audience.

“The Association of Austrian Lace Manufacturers in Vorarlberg, Austria, the umbrella organization of Austrian Lace Manufacturers consists entirely of small, family-owned companies and specializes in producing the very best the industry has to offer. It exports around 98% of its production to over 100 countries around the world. The creativity of its designers and its technical edge is world-renowned.” says Guido Stock, the Commercial Counsellor at the Austrian Embassy in Lagos.

Traditional patterns and textiles are still seen to be part of the ever-changing fashion landscape in Nigeria, and Lagos has become home to several opportunities to show the world a glimpse of its rich heritage. The Association of Austrian Lace Manufacturers is celebrating, through this fashion history and culture, its representation of Nigerian fashion.

Through this initiative, Austrian lace motivates a younger generation of creatives to define fashion on their own terms. It aims to incorporate a valuable ecosystem involving partnerships and innovative collaborations by highlighting why Austrian lace has been, is, and will be the go-to fabric for all generations, bringing iconic fashion moments from different decades to life.

“The fabrics are to inspire pieces that put a modern spin on a conventional textile, ranging from lace suits to floral gowns to even elements of street styles that can build a connection with a younger audience following Austrian Laces’ decades of legacy,” says Frances Ore, campaign lead.

Check out more photos from the campaign…

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Photos: Tobi Loke

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