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5 Bold And Flattering Lipstick Shades For Dark Skinned Women

5 Bold And Flattering Lipstick Shades For Dark Skinned Women


The world of beauty is one that’s incredibly overwhelming. One minute you’re on the hunt for something and the next minute, you’re instantly swamped with choices. Case in point, navigating the world of unique colored lipsticks. You walk to a stand with tons of different option and have no clue where to begin. Well, not anymore!

Dark skinned ladies, this one’s for you. We know how difficult it can be selecting a lipstick shade that flatters you skin tone, that’s why we have curated this list. From the tried and trusted reds and pinks, to the trendy nudes, these hues will do you magic. In addition, while you may still want to tread carefully on various shades of on selected lipstick colors, don’t let that limit you. That is to say you shouldn’t be afraid to get creative with selecting colors. Who knows, you may just find a new favorite.

Check out 5 best lipstick colors for darker skin you should try…

#1. Nudes

Nude lipstick is super versatile. It can be the perfect partner to a sexy smoky eye or bold colored liner, or it can be a toned-down way to look polished. This is certainly a color that flatters darker skinned women. However, avoid nudes that are lighter than your skin tone.

#2. Burgundy

Burgundy is a fabulous and super trendy combination of black and the purple. The deep, fall shade makes a bold statement as it glistens and glamours against surrounding darker skin shades.

#3. Red

Sure, we’ve all got a red lippie in our collection and love the sexy vibe they command. We’re talking the super addictive and trusted red pout. Whether matte or glossy finish, red lips are perfect for brightening up your face and standing out in the crowd.

#4. Pink

Super trendy and stylish, pink is a must-have for any girls makeup bag. Opt for a lighter shades to really make your pout stand out with noticable coloring, or choose a darker and more tantalizing hues for a dreamy and desirable look. It just depends on your particular style, but both look magnificent against darker skin tones!

#5. Brown

Brown lipstick gets a bad wrap. It’s quite often overlooked and thrown into the ‘unwearable’ cadre because we can’t seem to understand how it fits into our lives. When it comes to rockin’ a neutral, earthy shade like brown, contrasting is the key. Just make sure you’re opting for a deep brown shade instead of light, which can make your lips appear nude and dull.

What is your favorite lippie shade?

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