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Before The Split: 6 Times Jamie And Nikki Perkins Served Effortless Couple Slay Goals

Before The Split: 6 Times Jamie And Nikki Perkins Served Effortless Couple Slay Goals


YouTube sweethearts Jamie and Nikki Perkins have officially gone their separate ways after 6 years of being married and it is really sad that things have gone the way they did. The couple took to their joint YouTube channel to break this emotional news on the 20th of August after they had stopped vlogging together since June. Fans are understandably heartbroken about the gorgeous couple’s break up.

Jamie Perkins is an Australian videographer/photographer and musician who shares a joint YouTube channel called Jamie and Nikki with his wife Nikki Perkins. The channel has earned over 1.8 million subscribers. Nikki Perkins, who is a sister to supermodel Duckie Thot, is a Sudanese ex-model and social media celebrity. She grew up in Australia and is a known face in the fashion industry, as she has modelled for several top-notch brands and designers.

As speculations about their break up ran wild, many online questioned if the split was due to rumors that Jamie had been cheating. He has since denied this in Instagram comments. For now, all they have shared is that they are going their separate ways. If fans had little hope for a reconciliation, that has been seriously dashed as Nikki has already taken “wife” out of her Instagram bio. There are also claims that she unfollowed him and a search of her following confirmed this.

Before their separation, the couple always shared photos of themselves with their daughters Ava and Zoe on their Instagram and Facebook pages. Their last photo together was posted on May 14 and captioned “Prom King and Queen…” on Jamie Perkin’s personal Instagram page. On the same day, Nikki had also shared similar images on the couple’s official IG @jamieandniks. Dressed in a gorgeous yellow pleated tube dress, Nikki looked as happy as ever as she held hands with Jamie who was dapper in a grey blazer and dark-coloured trousers.

When it comes to their overall style as a couple, Jamie and Nikki Perkins have always been known to dress casual yet stylishly. They were never the type to show up in matchy outfits but their style was so effortless, relatable, in sync and perfect for whatever outing they were on.

Seeing as this is tagged a separation per their joint statement, we are hoping they can work things out and come back stronger, if they so wish of course. Until then, it’s time to take a look back at the times they were just the perfect couple, style-wise.

Here’s a look at the times we were fans of Jamie and Nikky Perkins’ style…







Photo Credit: Instagram | Jamieperkins, Jamieandniks

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