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Lagos Lately: 7 Looks We Love On Lasgidi Style Stars

Lagos Lately: 7 Looks We Love On Lasgidi Style Stars



nother week, another opportunity to be a class act. Even on simple days, the goal is always to eat and leave no crumbs. As the Nigerian songwriter Skibbi said, “….never to be caught unfresh…”. The streets of Lagos have always been a canvas for self-expression and creativity, and last week stylish stars beautifully painted these streets with their unique style renderings. With the country abuzz with election fever, Nigerians still found time to showcase their style and flair. This kept the fashion energy alive with inspiration and innovation.

As the temperature rises, so does the style quotient in Lagos. With scorching heat and humidity becoming the norm at this time of year, it’s no surprise that crop tops and shorts have taken the fashion stage by storm. Not only are they practical for the climate, but they are also perfect for showing off your toned physique and creating a baddie vibe.

The Looks

Color blocking was a favorite last week. The Blood Sisters’ star, Ini Dima Okojie was spotted clad in a ruffled yellow crop top with a huge flower-like design paired with green shorts and blue heels. The star brought the heat to combat the heat. If you feel inspired, splatter some color into your style this week. Apart from being a killer look, it has a mood-boosting energy.

There’s something undeniably chic and glamorous about an all-white ensemble. Whether it’s a white dress or a crisp white jumpsuit, this monochromatic look exudes pure sophistication and elegance. It’s no wonder that fashionistas in Lagos have fully embraced this trend, especially during this dry season, when temperatures soar and we don’t have to worry about getting our whites dirty.

For inspiration, take a peek at the veteran actress Ini Edo. The star favored a crisp white blouse and wide-leg pants merger that’s the definition of polished. This is an apt wedding party outfit. If you meet with potential clients, an all-white formal getup is sure to make a bold statement. Pair it with metallic accessories and statement jewelry to elevate the look and add some extra sparkle.

When it comes to power dressing, nothing quite screams “boss lady” like a pantsuit. Nigerian designer Tolu Bally took up this trend with gusto and made an audacious statement with it. Whether you’re attending a business meeting or simply heading to the office, a well-fitted pantsuit is a great choice. And with the addition of statement accessories, like oversized sunglasses and statement jewelry, you can take the look to the next level of glamor. With various fabrics available, like satin, velvet, or silk, you can easily sport a pantsuit tailored to your style and personality.

In the midst of the glamorous takes were the casual outfits celebs wore to their polling units to cast their votes. These outfits consisted of tank tops, tees, joggers, denim trousers, and of course, sneakers. The comfy outfit is proof that Nigerians will always look good despite any chaos or hustle and bustle around every city.

Check out some interesting looks from stylish Nigerian celebrities across the board…

Ini Edo

Photo: @iniedo/Instagram

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Toke Makinwa

Photo: @tokemakinwa/Instagram


Ini Dima Okojie

Photo: @inidimaokojie/Instagram


Tolu Bally

Photo: @tbally/Instagram


Mimi Linda Yina

Photo: @medlinboss/Instagram

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Idia Aisen

Photo: @idiaaisen/Instagram


Angel Obasi

Photo: @styleconnaisseur/Instagram

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