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6 Style Influencers Flaunt The 2019-Approved Ways To Wear Lace

6 Style Influencers Flaunt The 2019-Approved Ways To Wear Lace

No matter how many different outfits you have, if you don’t have a lace piece in your wardrobe, then seriously, you are not from Earth. Maybe Jupiter where they wear humongous teddy coats all year long, but certainly not from this planet. I mean, there’s literally no one I know who doesn’t have some form of lace in their closet – whether as a traditional attire or a casual piece. The lace fabric is one of fashion’s best discoveries and its longevity and versatility is proof of this.

To avoid staleness, longevity demands recreation and refreshment. So what are contemporary ways to wear lace to avoid looking outdated? We’ve curated stunning looks on 6 style influencers who are pros at wearing lace. From full-on to just a hint of it, you will find new ways to rock lace in ways that are oh-so-2019 and totally rave-worthy!

Here are 6 contemporary ways to rock lace like the style influencers…

Toke Makinwa


Bad girl vibes

Lace takes on different personalities. Above we can see how pairing a black lace bustier with leather pants gives off a bold, tough and “bad gyal” in a cool way vibe.

Mihlali Ndamase


Pow wow!

It all boils down to knowing how to combine a show-stopping look. One thing many rookie fashion lovers struggle with is how to create a show-stopper without doing too much. If you’ve had this question cross your mind, this simple take on how to style lace is the answer.




I absolutely love lace when it comes as a subtle detail. We’ve seen lace be everything but here its simple sleeve addition to this blazer dress makes it even more sophisticated and such a delight.

Ola Adewale 


It really POPS!

There are different forms and textures of lace and one of my favourites is the perforated lace. The holes are wider and the detailing, bolder. It’s sort of wild and elegant all at once.

Sai Sankoh 


Statement style

There’s a certain exquisite vibe you get when you wear a pretty lace dress. That’s what we can clearly see as Sai Sankoh walks the street in this beautiful flared hemline lace dress. Love how she contrasted the monochrome look with pink stilettos.

Debbs Bjuku


Sprinkle of interest

Even the most uninterested person would find this look interesting. There is so much character in this combination. Wearing a blue lace blouse over a polka dot calf-length skirt – who would have thought the combination would be so refreshing?

Photo Credit: IG | As Captioned 

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