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5 Amazing Songs From Nigeria To The World | Must Listen!

5 Amazing Songs From Nigeria To The World | Must Listen!


hen one looks at Nigeria in general it is easy to see the growth that is taking place in the arts: from fashion to film and music, the Nigerian creative industries are growing faster than any other industry in the country and bringing us some well deserved accolades from the world. I can hear someone saying give us some accolades (Don’t get it? Ask a friend!).

The Nigerian entertainment industry has really grown into a force worth reckoning with and the world is taking note. Our ability to authentically infuse our culture and lifestyle into everything we do even while going global is definitely one of the reasons Nigerian creatives are so applauded internationally and why the rest of the world is keeping tabs on our growing film, fashion and music industries. Given, there’s lots of room for improvement but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day, was it?

There is something worth noting: when one looks at the songs in Nigeria that are charting and making waves globally, they are mostly the songs that hold true to the Nigerian spirit. From fast Afrobeats to soulfulness and infusion of our native dialects, the only way to go global is to be authentic. Of course, the western influences are apparent in some of these song but one thing is true of them all; you can definitely feel that Naija vibe in them.

So this Friday, we have curated five amazing Nigerian songs that are making waves around the world. You definitely need to listen to these ones!

1. Yemi Alade | Bum Bum

Yemi Alade has been compared to Beyoncé several times in her career and has been dubbed the “Beyoncé of the Nigerian Music Industry” mostly due to the fact that like Beyoncé, Yemi is a great vocalist and dancer. But don’t let Tiwa’s fans hear this. Yemi has remained one of the females in the industry who steadily release hit song after hit song from Day 1 and her latest release Bum Bum is no different.

2. Tiwa Savage ft Wizkid & Spellz – Ma Lo

A song that has two of Nigeria’s best is pretty much expected to do well, and Ma Lo did even better than expected. The simplicity, the beat, the fun catchy lyrics and more cater to the hearts and ears of everyone who’s heard it. From Hollywood to the streets of London, fans of this song come in different colours and from different time zones.

3. Mr P – My Way

When the talented Nigerian singing Duo P-Square finally separated many fans (myself included) were devastated by it as many of us grew up listening to their hits but the separation might have been a blessing in disguise as ever since the separation both parties have been steadily making new songs under new stage names and management. My Way by Peter Okoye now known as Mr P is probably my favorite that has been released since the split up.

4. Wizkid ft TY Dolla SIGN – Highgrade

I low-key can’t wait for the awards that are coming Wizkid’s way this year with how he is steadily growing and dropping hits after hits. He recently collaborated again with Ty Dolla to release Highgrade less than a week ago and he is dropping hints of more amazing songs coming.

5. Starboy ft Wizkid, Ceeza Milli, Spotless & Terri | Soco

Like I’ve already said, Wizkid came ready to slay our hearts this year with beautiful songs. Although in this song he is a featured artist one cannot deny how much of an edge his presence added to the song. You also cannot deny what the other artists added to create this beautiful blend.

Catch up on these 5 songs that are currently sweeping the international music scene here.

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