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These Somalian Sister Bloggers Aim To Inspire Women Inside And Out

These Somalian Sister Bloggers Aim To Inspire Women Inside And Out

Born in Somalia and raised in Toronto, Canada, the Yusuf sisters Nasteha and Nuni are like any other sister duo; they enjoy sharing ideas on fashion, lifestyle and beauty. However, what’s different for the fashionable Somalian sister bloggers duo who share their style and lifestyle on their blog is that they strive to “look good and feel great inside and out” while inspiring other young women to do the same.

According to the duo, although they are different individuals with different personalities, the fact that fashion brings their unique intentions together is the more reason they explore this passion. Their approach to fashion is elegant and sophisticated with a dash of retro flava and an undeniable urbanity. For the Somalian sister bloggers, dressing up is also part of having a good time and the sisters have maintained that intention with every style choice they make.

Nasteha and Nuni also love to travel. For the sisters who now shuttle between the US and Canada, the excuse of family members scattered across different continents is a way to bypass the “why do you travel a lot” question when asked, or when they ask themselves. Their travels and adventures also inspire their style as they consciously and unconsciously absorb global fashion trends and interpret them in a way that is unique to them.

Nasteha and Nuni Yusuf sure have our attention. Here’s a few of their looks we really love…

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