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10 Times SA It Girl Mihlali Ndamase Proved Every Style Raven Needs White Sneakers

10 Times SA It Girl Mihlali Ndamase Proved Every Style Raven Needs White Sneakers


A pair of white sneakers is an essential item in any wardrobe because it’s the simplest way to introduce versatility to your ensembles. Any certified Style Raven like South Africa’s Mihlali Ndamase will agree that it is a true wardrobe basic. Whatever opinion you hold, one thing you would realize at the end of this piece is that while the white sneakers can sometimes be basic, it will always be a piece that makes your combination look more cool and trendy.

Fast forward to 2019, the white sneakers, which used to be unacceptable for anything other than sportswear, has reached a new height of infatuation amongst fashion elites. With several designs and fits popping up every second from the shoe industry, the white sneakers has become a must-have! This is primarily because with the white twins, one can either go for a classic converse, a chunky retro kick or something in-between and still retain its essential cool vibe.

When purchasing a pair of white sneakers, we can all agree that the choice is usually based on personal preference. Styling on the other hand needs a little more commitment. The kicks need to look like they rightfully belong with your entire outfit, so whether you are channelling a full-on athleisure look or pairing it with a power pant-suit, a dress or even going for the model-off-duty vibe, your ensemble has to look effortless.

It may take a few trials to get a hang of this if style isn’t quite your thing. But rather than endure multiple adjustments before getting the trend right, let top beauty and fashion influencer Mihlali Ndamase make things easy for you. If you want a guide on how to seamlessly elevate your style with the right pair of white sneakers, then this white sneakers lover is definitely the person to be inspired by. The professional makeup artist has worn different white sneakers with almost every outfit you can think of. The best part is that Mihlahi finds a way to keep her looks chic and classy all the time and you’ll find that her outfits are so easy to recreate.

Here’s how Mihlali Ndamase conquers fashion one pair of white sneakers at a time…

Photo Credit: Instagram | Mihlalii_n

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