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See How Your Fave Male Fashion Influencers Are Rocking The Beret Trend

See How Your Fave Male Fashion Influencers Are Rocking The Beret Trend


ne of my favorite things about fashion is how things tend to reinvent themselves; like how 60s and 70s fashion reinvented itself and became the fashion trend we all know and love as vintage fashion, or how nightwear have become very fashionable daywear and workout clothes became trendy as athleisure. The in trend now is an old time favourite, the beret and the men are not taking things lightly!

Fashion like art is about cycles; what could be considered ugly one minute can become the rave the very next minute – just like how berets, which most of us hated wearing to school, is now one of the most fashionable accessories around the world.

The beret was heavily featured on the 2017 fashion scenes: from high fashion runway shows to the street style of fashion weeks and style blogs, basically everyone who’s a fashion insider wanted a piece of the beret action and the rave spilled into 2018. Berets are now considered a top accessory to own as they add a very fashionable French chic vibe to your outfit regardless of gender. If you are still clueless on how to get in on the beret trend, we have curated a few solid inspiration from your favorite male influencers to help you out.

Be slayspired!


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