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You’ll Absolutely Love JAKE OBENG-BEDIAKO’s Instagram Feed and Style 

You’ll Absolutely Love JAKE OBENG-BEDIAKO’s Instagram Feed and Style 


n the past few years Instagram has evolved from just a photo sharing social media app to one of the biggest hubs of creative minds. These minds are curating the best visual content and constantly trying to rise above the ever-changing and mysterious algorithm. This has given birth to the influencers: people who have managed to stand out from the crowd with their visual content, cohesive feeds, large following and with niches varying from food to fashion to weddings and everything in between. Amongst all these very stylish influencers one who caught our eyes recently is Jake ObengBediako known on social media as The Debonair Disciple. 


Jake Obeng-Bediako has managed to curate a particularly attractive and cohesive Instagram feed with content tailored to show a rich Afripolitan culture. While we could Rave on and on about his stunning looks that comes complete with a face made for TV and a body made for modelling, we’d rather focus on his distinctive style game.

His style is a form of modern, casual dapper featuring blazers, turtlenecks, hats and a right dose of carefully selected sweaters which put together help his melanin pop even more! This Ghanaian influencer who could easily double as a stylist has an eye for putting peculiarly stunning outfits together and directing his pictures in a way that is very unique and makes his photos pop out when they appear on your feed.

Check out some of our favorite looks by Jake Obeng-Bediako…


The Debonair Disciple, Jake Obeng-Bediako, Ghanaian Bloggers, Black Male Fashion Bloggers

The Debonair Disciple, Jake Obeng-Bediako, Ghanaian Blogger, Ghanaian Fashion Bloggers

Photo credit: IG | thedebonairdisciple

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