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Travel In Style! 8 Fashion Essentials Style Stars Never Travel Without

Travel In Style! 8 Fashion Essentials Style Stars Never Travel Without


We can gladly scream that this is post-covid with the world gradually coming out from the effect of the pandemic. As things shift back to normal, we’re super excited to pack our bags and head to new destinations to explore the globe. Speaking of packing bags, there’re certain traveling essentials you should never leave home without, and many style stars agree. 

Let’s be honest, one of the most stressful things about taking a trip is getting your bags ready. In between booking the flight, accommodation, and the whole ten yards, it’s very easy to forget packing until the dying minute, and then, it becomes necessary chaos! I, personally, can’t count the number of times I have forgotten an essential item as a result of the mess. However, that need not be the case. If you’re taking a trip any time soon and wondering what to travel with, then allow us to guide you right. 

It’s important to note that your traveling essentials ought to mirror the season. For example, an essential for Winter most definitely varies from a Summer essential. Seeing that we’ve officially entered the season of sun and sand, this guide covers what you should pack when traveling this Spring and well into Summer. That way, you’re sure you never leave base without having all you need safely tucked in your bag. You’re welcome! 

Wondering what to travel with? Here are 8 traveling essentials approved by style stars…

#1. A Straw hat

The sun is the main reason why this hat is important on your next trip. Besides offering you some nice shade and making sure your face is not constantly exposed to UV rays, it also makes your outfit look really stylish. Just look at Chioma.

Photo: @chiomagoodhair/Instagram


#2. Sunscreen

We know you just got loose from Winter and have been itching to have a moment in the sun, and that’s fine. However, do ensure that you pack enough bottles of sunscreen for your trip. Sunscreen not only protects you from sunburns and aging, but it also reduces the risk of skin cancer caused by the sun’s harmful rays. So please, bask in the sun all you want but use protection. Yes, melanin girls need them, too.

Photo: @skinpieces/Instagram

#3. Designer slides/flip flops

Slides/flip-flops may not be a fashion statement, but designer ones would definitely make a statement. While on a trip, you sometimes need to let your feet breathe, and they definitely breathe better in designer takes. Wink! 

Photo: @slipintostyle/Instagram


#4. Power bank

Can you imagine running out of battery during your trip? No pictures? No videos? This would be the ultimate trip disaster! Avoid this frustrating experience by copping for yourself a decent power bank to give your battery the boost it will most definitely need.

Photo: EmShuvo | Pexels


#5. Sunglasses

The importance of sunglasses both at home and abroad cannot be overemphasized. Invest in a classic style that will protect your eyes and have you looking chic too! Tip: dark frames are always a good idea for maximum impact.

Photo: @claudyamoreira/Instagram


#6. Sling bag

When going about town, the sling bag is just ideal. Throw in your power bank, fave lippie, hand sanitizer, money, cards, and phone and you are good to go. Talk about being stylishly at ease!

Photo: @mihlalii_n/Instagram

#7. Your favourite lipstick

Finding the perfect lipstick is a daunting task and when we find one that goes with almost everything, there is no way we would want to leave this behind. This traveling essential is a proven way to up your glam game at the snap of a finger without doing too much.

Photo: @soukeyna/Instagram


#8. Hand sanitizer

Okay, we know it’s post-covid, but that doesn’t mean you should open your arms to every germ that passes by. Since hygiene standards vary among destinations, hand sanitizers can be very handy when you’re on the go and need a quick clean. This is for when water and soap are not readily available. Best to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer (containing at least 60% alcohol) and rub it on your hands until they are dry.

Photo: Polina Zimmerman | Pexels

Featured image: chiomagoodhair | Instagram 

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