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Travel Right: A Businessman’s Guide To Traveling In Style

Travel Right: A Businessman’s Guide To Traveling In Style


The only thing I love more than food is travel. There’s just something surreal about waking up in a new setting, being exposed to a new culture, tasting food you can’t even pronounce, and finding yourself in a crowd that speaks a foreign language. All these go to show just how amazing this world is. Equally amazing is what to wear when traveling as that’s vital to your overall travel experience.

Although traveling for pleasure and traveling for business are two different things, the latter can sometimes be a real pain. You arrive at states or countries you’ve always wanted to explore, but find yourself without any time to actually “see” the destination due to back-to-back meetings. Don’t even get me started on the sartorial nightmare. Not only will you need to pack all of your work essentials, including important documents, your laptop, and your tablet, but you’ll also need to take enough clothes to cover both that lunch meeting and a round of drinks with a client in the evening.

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In order to make your business traveling experience a lot better, we’ve curated this easy guide to traveling in style. Of course, this also covers what you’ll be wearing while traveling, as well as essential items to make your stay a pleasant experience. With this guide, you’ll sure look like the businessman and ‘zaddy‘ that you are. A win-win situation if you ask me.

Check out this easy guide for men on what to wear when traveling…

#1. A breathable non-wrinkle shirt

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It’s likely that the climate in your take-off region and destination may not be similar, which is why it’s important to opt for outfits that work regardless of the varying temps. In view of this, a good place to start is to wear a shirt made from a breathable fabric like cotton as cotton wins in both warm and cool climates. In addition, this shirt should be non-wrinkle as you don’t want to arrive looking like you’ve been in a tornado.

#2. Comfy, yet formal pants

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Your choice of pants shouldn’t be so fitted that it grips you in the crotch. Think about it: you may be sitting for hours so anything that has the chance of being uncomfortable overtime should be a no-no. While you’re aiming for comfy pants, you also don’t want a piece that’s so casual it wouldn’t work in a formal setting in case you may need to get into a meeting as soon as you touch down.

#3. A reversible belt

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A reversible belt is something you should consider when traveling. Not only does it hold your pants in place but it’s a great way to switch up your style with minimal effort.

#4. Socks, socks, socks

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It keeps you warm en route, plays its role in elevating your style, and makes your shoes fit like magic. What’s not to love about socks? When going on a business trip, neutral-toned socks should be your go-to due to their versatility in complementing any outfit and shoes.

#5. Let’s talk underwear

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Many tend to ignore underwear when traveling as they put priority on outerwear. It’s true that your main outfit is important but your underwear is equally so. Whether it’s your briefs or undershirt, what you wear under should be comfortable and also help your outfit sit right on you.

#6. Wear a blazer/coat

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Since you’ll most likely need at least one suit while you’re away, it’s worth wearing the blazer (and any coat you decide to take) when traveling. Doing so keeps you looking sharp and prevents folds and wrinkles that come with having it packed in luggage.

#7. Wear slip-on shoes

When traveling by air, you sure do not want to go through the stress of undoing and retying laces at security. So, a nice pair of slip-on footwear saves you the hassle of taking off your laced shoes and wearing them back.

#8. Finish off right

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As a businessman, you know the value of attention to detail. It’s no news that a slight oversight can cripple an entire project, so make sure you put the same attention into your wardrobe. When traveling, ensure you pack important accessories like a wristwatch, cufflinks, and sunglasses. This helps to finish off your look right and you also come off as coordinated. Also, fragrances work wonders, don’t forget to take your favorite. Certainly, those you’ll be meeting will know doing business with you is the smart choice.

#9. Opt for a functional luggage

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Get wheeled luggage that’s small enough to qualify as a ‘carry-on.’ The best part is, wheels just make life much easier, especially when wearing a suit. There’ll be no need to be burdened by carrying regular luggage and still managing to keep your other stuff together.

What outfits to pack in your luggage… 

Prioritize classics and versatile pieces like shirts, plain pants, and denim as they will keep your luggage as light as possible. In addition, they also enable you to pull together outfits for any on or off-duty occasion that may arise. Hence, you may want to stick to neutral colors for the most part. Colors like grey, navy, white, black, and a little brown. It’s super easy to pair these shades.

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