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Wa Jeun: These Are The 6 Nigerian Foods To Try In Lagos

Wa Jeun: These Are The 6 Nigerian Foods To Try In Lagos


True foodies will tell you that there is no love more genuine than the love for food. Are you a visiting foodie (food enthusiast) looking to try out authentic Nigerian foods in Lagos? We totally get you, you have not known a city if you have not tasted its dishes.

Food is not just what you eat, it preserves memories and literally feeds you with the culture of a place. Lagos is renowned for a great number of mouth-watering meals. Few cities come close to rivaling the accessibility and affordability of Lagos city’s food culture. At just about any corner in the business capital of Nigeria you’ll be met with a cornucopia of meal options.

While touring Las Gidi, as Lagos is fondly referred to, it is inevitable for you to inhale the tempting aroma of dozens of Nigerian dishes being prepared on the street corners, market places, and restaurants. From ambrosial street foods made with fresh, stimulating ingredients, to yum-yum varieties of quintessential dishes, you’ll definitely want to avail yourself of these edible delights while visiting Lagos.

If you’re visiting Lagos, look out for these traditional Nigerian foods to get a real taste of the city’s cuisines.

Here’s our pick of the 6 must-try meals in Lagos…

1. Akara


Akara is a versatile Nigerian food made from ground beans, seasoned and deep-fried according to the maker’s taste. We believe one of the reasons it is widely popular in Lagos is because of its versatility. It can be eaten with bread, paired with sipped garri or ogi (pap made from corn flour), or enjoyed alone. Known as Acarajé  in Brazil, akara has gotten a lot of attention globally and has been revamped in different ways, including being stuffed as seen in the cover image above.

Among Lagos locals, it is mostly eaten as breakfast especially on Saturday mornings. This meal is readily available for there is always a woman around the corner deep frying this delicacy.

2. Amala


If you are not talking Amala and Ewedu/Efo riro/Gbegiri at a Yoruba event then all roads lead back home. Amala is made from yam or cassava flour. This is the number one Nigerian food responsible for many stained wedding guest outfits and soiled fingers don’t care. Not every time Southern Sun or Chinese Food, sometimes Amala Shitta and chill.

2. Ewa agoyin

Image: debbieinnovationworld

Ewa is the Yoruba name for beans. Popular for its pulpy texture and spicy sauce, this Togolese meal has converted non-beans lovers to ardent believers. It can be eaten with bread, boiled yam, and even the legendary dodo (plantain). Lagosians have adapted this to proper Nigerian food, even creating a variety of recipes.

3. Eja kika or panla stew


One of the most famous fish in Western Nigeria, Eja Kika can be used to cook varieties of soup and stew but a Lagos fave is the Eja kika stew made with palm oil and Iru (locust beans). You have not indulged in proper Lagos cuisine if you haven’t had one of these.

5. Agege bread

Image: dooney’s kitchen

Agege bread is a popular bread found in Lagos. It is in a class of its own, many have tried to replicate this bread but like we say here in Lagos: if e no be panadol e no fit be like panadol. We dare to translate this saying to “the best thing that has happened since agege bread is still agege bread!” You can eat Agege bread in many ways but the locals prefer it with akara, ewa agoyin, egg, and tea! This is definitely one Nigerian food you must eat in Lagos. Having it anywhere else in the country is not the same as Lagos proudly calls Agege bread its own.

6. Barbeque fish

Image: pinterest

A favorite for night revelers, there are diverse kinds of BBQ fish recipes. This meal doesn’t discriminate, it is eaten by every tongue and tribe. It is also one meal everyone can enjoy even pescatarians are not left out. You are really missing a lot if you leave Lagos without trying this delicacy. We recommend it on a Friday night while hanging out with friends after the week’s hustle.

One cannot think well, love well, if one has not dined well. Wa jeun! (Yoruba for come and eat)

Are you a Lagos foodie? Do you agree with our selection or have we missed your favorite? Share your must-try meals below.

Cover Image: Stuffed Akara via

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