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No Flight Required: How To Have A Fun Staycation In Lagos

No Flight Required: How To Have A Fun Staycation In Lagos


Living in a city like Lagos, you would agree that you are constantly trying to stay sane and rise above the hustle and bustle. Raise your hand if you need a break; of course every Las Gidi adult ever!!! I know a lot of your friends are steady ‘tensioning’ you on social media and you want to pepper them back but your pocket isn’t cooperating with you. Having a staycation – that is, a vacation where you live – in Lagos doesn’t have to be boring because you feel like “what else is there in this town? I have seen it all.” It’s not just about seeing the town, but rather, about giving yourself a well-deserved treat after some hard work and pretty much a perfect way to alter your everyday routine.

You can plan an actual vacation in your own city, one through which you explore Lagos as a tourist would. Whether it’s a stay at home or go-to-a-resort kind of staycation, what matters most is to get yourself pampered and refreshed to continue the hustle. So pull out your camera and make memories. It’s time to let your hair down, Lagos-style!

Here’s how to plan a Lagos vacation as a resident of the city…

#1. A plan is expedient!

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An effective strategy will help you stay in vacation mode throughout your staycation. You should avoid the temptation to “just reply this one mail” or say “maybe I can just take a walk into the office today, I promise I won’t be long.” A well-planned strategy and discipline will have you well recharged by not getting sucked back into your normal everyday routine. Wrap up everything that concerns work the night before and rise and shine to a bright new day that has only pampering to offer.

#2. Ball on a budget

This doesn’t in any way imply having zero Naira and limiting your fun. Create a priority list: Spa? Beach? Fancy restaurant? Resort? Museums? Theatre plays or cinema? If you’re not splurging a little, are you really having a vacation? But this also doesn’t mean you go haywire and dive neck-deep in debt.

Yes, it’s agreeable that a staycation should cut costs but it shouldn’t cut fun either. Slow and steady savings towards your staycation is the way to go and will help ensure your heart skips a beat when you’re told what activity will cost. You know that feeling when you withdraw a large chunk of money at once? Yes, that feeling.

#3. Have a theme in mind

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Having a theme will aid in planning. Do you want a relaxing staycation or a more active one? If you want a more relaxing staycation, a beach/resort would be great. Having a clear cut theme will help navigate your staycation, helping you come up with focused ideas instead of bouncing from one activity to the other; which could have you feeling unfulfilled at the end of your staycation experience.

#4. Make new and different memories

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No matter how much you claim to know Las Gidi, there are some places you haven’t been to especially with restaurants and lounges springing up all over the place. Give yourself a treat, have dinner at one of the fanciest restaurants in Lagos, get a massage, go shopping in a new place. Just don’t act like you’re on a tight budget, after all, you have already cut down a lot on airfare cost, visa fees and more expensive hotel reservations.

You could choose a date with the boo, the girls or just go solo – the key is to live your best life no matter what you choose to do or who you choose to do it with. There’s no big deal if you decide to live la vida loca! On a staycation, the luxury life is yours to have, so raise your glass, honey! Be sure to document everything and take loads of selfies.

#5. Tour Las Gidi

Hats, shorts, camera, sunscreen and sunshades – that’s the official tourist starter pack. Now is the time to visit historic sites and attractions like the Lekki Conservation Centre you have always wanted to check out. Seeing that Lagos is a city rich in art and culture, if you’re also an art lover this is the time to tick off something from your Lagos bucket list. Eko is more interesting than you think so stop acting too familiar already. Your mindset will help make the most out of your staycation.

In all this, don’t forget to sit down, meditate and just suck in the sea breeze, whether or not you’re close to an actual sea.

Feel free to drop a comment telling us how your Lagos staycation panned out. Have fun!!!

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