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Is Vaseline A Good Lubricant Option For Sex?

Is Vaseline A Good Lubricant Option For Sex?


Vaginal dryness is one of the major reasons lubricants are a great addition to bedroom games. When a woman’s special place lacks moisture, it causes friction during intercourse and this can be painful, thus, leading to reduced interest in sex. Gladly, there are several remedies for this issue. However, the common question remains: is vaseline one of them? You’ll soon find out. Best lubricants for sex. Vaseline sex.

It’s no news that moisture is a great necessity during sex. Although our bodies naturally secrete fluids when aroused, several factors can affect this secretion greatly. From birth control pills, to hormonal imbalance and even stress, how wet you get encompasses a lot of elements. In order to keep your juices flowing, you’ll first need to understand vaginal dryness.

What causes vaginal dryness?

Vaginal dryness mainly occurs due to the low level of the female hormone, estrogen. Other key reasons why vaginal dryness may occur include stress, medications, pre-menopause, chemotherapy, breastfeeding, and hysterectomy, among others.

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Are lubricants helpful?

When the vagina is dry during sexual intercourse, the pleasurable experience can become painful because the friction causes tiny tears, which could also get infected. In addition, a dry vagina reduces sexual satisfaction and could ultimately lead to low libido. Lubricants get rid of dryness and friction, thus, eliminating pain and increasing pleasure in the process. That’s a pretty good deal, right? So, the common question remains: is vaseline a good lubricant?

Is Vaseline a good lubricant?

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Vaseline is very great for the skin and chapped lips but isn’t so safe to use as a lubricant. Applying on your vagina something that’s not designed for it is a big no-no. Best lubricants for sex.

Here are some key reasons why Vaseline shouldn’t be on your lube list…

#1. Vaseline may increase your risk of infection

Petroleum jelly doesn’t dry out and is also insoluble in water making it hard to wash off. This might attract bacteria to stick around for more than just a friendly chat. They stick to the vaginal wall and the vulval tissue and this can lead to a bacterial infection.

Bacterial vaginosis has been found to occur more often in women who use Vaseline as a lubricant. Unless you don’t mind scratching your nether region everywhere you go, then save the Vaseline for your skin where it belongs.

#2. Vaseline weakens condoms

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Are you ready to be a parent? Then knock yourself out. However, if the intent is to avoid unplanned pregnancy and STDs, then it’s good to know that Vaseline and latex don’t agree. So if you plan to use a latex condom then avoid Vaseline. The mineral oils in petroleum jelly react with latex and the condom could burst. Vaseline sex.

So what are your options?

There are several over-the-counter lubricants available and perfect for sexual intercourse.

Silicon-based lubricants

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The main advantage of this type of lubricant is the fact that it stays longer and you wouldn’t need to reapply before every round if you’re the multi-round type. 

Water-based lubricants

These are considered the best lubricants because they don’t stain your sheets and feel the most natural. They wash off easily and work best with condoms.

In conclusion, Vaseline is cheap and very available so it’s easy to fall into the temptation of grabbing it off the shelf and using it as a lubricant. But the manufacturer didn’t design it to be for sexual use. It is for “external use only.” So opt for more suitable options. Vaseline sex.

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