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Trendy, Curvy And 100% Chic: Kristine Thompson Is On A Fashion Mission And Taking The World By Storm!

Trendy, Curvy And 100% Chic: Kristine Thompson Is On A Fashion Mission And Taking The World By Storm!


Kristine Thompson is one of those people who don’t believe in rules especially when it comes to fashion. In the past, bloggers and models like Chastity Garner, Gabby Fresh, Ashley Graham and a bunch of other plus size women have always found it difficult to dress up because it was hard to find their sizes as many stores rarely stocked anything above a UK size 10.

Finding what to wear wasn’t the only problem. There were rules that implied that bold prints couldn’t be worn, showing off skin was a taboo and a host of other rules that plus sized women had to endure all because the world thought a UK size 4 was the only ‘cool thing’. 

Kristine Thompson has always been thick since she was in her teens and she has always been in love with fashion but felt limited by the options available; limited by the rules and limited by the fact that most trendy pieces weren’t available in her size. Kristine decided she no longer wanted to be limited and thus the birth of an idea…

… that was when she decided to start her blog as a hobby and a way to share her finds and ideas with other people. She was on a fashion mission. She wanted to conquer as well as debunk the rules and guidelines that had been laid out for plus sized women and she did. Now a couple of years down the line she has open the doors for more fashion-forward plus-sized women like herself, proving that being curvy and chic is totally achievable.

Check out a few of her curvy and chic looks…

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