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Are We Up For The Pantless Trend This Summer?

Are We Up For The Pantless Trend This Summer?


Remember the days of pants being a non-negotiable part of an outfit? Well, those days are long gone. This season, the 1950s pantless fad is back thanks to celebrities like the Jenners and Jodie Turner-Smith. Even before the Mod Era, ditching the bottoms was a staple for dancers, but now it’s finally a ubiquitous Hollywood indulgence. The runways are officially fired up with the pantless trend, and stars have shown numerous ways to don this eyebrow-raising fad.

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The “no-pants” trend, once a head-turning statement on the red carpet, has comfortably settled into our fashion vocabulary. Celebrities and influencers are rocking this daring look, proving comfort and confidence can go hand-in-hand (or should we say, leg-in-leg?). But is this trend just a fleeting fad, or are we truly entering a new era of leg-baring liberation?

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Why the pantless trend?

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The answer, like most things in fashion, is complex. The “no-pants” trend isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. It’s about embracing various silhouettes and reinterpreting classic garments to create a look that’s both bold and undeniably stylish. But how exactly do you rock the pantless trend without looking like you forgot your bottoms? That’s a valid question and we’ll answer that here.

Of course, there are those who think the “no-pants” trend is a no-no, but that hasn’t stopped it from setting its anchor at the helm of today’s fashion. If it’s your thing and you have a bold charge toward fashion, let’s explore some key style renditions that are making waves in the world of no-pants fashion.

#1. The oversized approach

Photo: @mayapadilla.styling/Instagram

Think comfy, chic, and oversized–baggy blazers, sweaters, and shirts are your best friends here. The key is to balance proportions. An oversized top paired with statement boots or heels creates a sense of effortless elegance. Kylie Jenner, a champion of the no-pants trend, frequently pulls this off, going for chunky knitwear or longline blazers that skim the thighs.

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#2. The not-quite-a-dress dress

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Sheer minis have enjoyed a resurgence in recent years, and the no-pants trend takes it a step further. Think options with a high-low hem layered over lingerie or sultry bodysuit. This creates a layered effect that’s both sensuous and elevated. Celebrities like Bella Hadid and Rihanna have sported this look, proving it can be surprisingly versatile with the right accessories, transitioning from a red-carpet choice to a night out with little or no stress.

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#3. The legging illusion

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Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? Sheer leggings or tights paired with a tunic or oversized top offer a playful take on the pantless trend. This option provides more coverage than a bare-legged look while maintaining the illusion of a pantless silhouette. It’s perfect for those who want to dip their toes into the trend, but still crave a bit more security.

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#4. Shorts as the new pants

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This might seem like a cheat, but hear us out! Boxer shorts, biker shorts, and even tailored paper bag shorts can create a surprisingly chic no-pants look. The key is to choose shorts that are really short and have a polished appearance and pair them with a top that complements their style. Kendall Jenner is a master of this look, rocking everything from tailored blazers to flowy blouses with her high-waisted shorts.

#5. The raunchy mix

Photo: @drewsidora/Instagram

The no-pants trend isn’t just about showing legs. It’s about pushing boundaries and playing with fashion. A sexy lace bodysuit paired with a faux fur coat or outerwear creates a dynamic and visually interesting silhouette. It is perfect for summer nights or a poolside hangout.

Is the pantless trend here to stay?

Photo: @beyonce/Instagram

The jury’s still out on whether the no-pants trend will become a permanent fixture in our wardrobes. It’s a bold look that requires confidence and a touch of daring. But one thing’s for sure: it’s a trend that’s sparked conversation and challenged traditional notions of what constitutes an outfit.

Photo: @mayapadilla.styling/Instagram

Whether you choose to fully embrace the no-pants life or simply admire it from the sidelines, the trend is a reminder that fashion is all about expressing yourself and pushing boundaries. That being said, the next time you’re getting dressed, ask yourself: are you feeling bold enough to ditch your pants?

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